Wanderlust card

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  • GAME BUILD #: 100.13.380850
  • GAME PLATFORM: Microsoft Store
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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Wanderlust card used in treaty games results in unreasonable unit stats. Villagers with 20-30 speed and infantry with +1000 HP stats with 1 pop slot. I realize this is not a bug in a technical sense, but it is such an extreme use of a card that was probably never intended by the devs so I view it as a bug anyway.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play vs Dutch that turns into South Africa
  2. Wait util the opponent uses Wanderlust card 30-40 times
  3. Play until you face completely unreasonable units and lose

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This card should be maxed out at 3-4 times or removed altogether.

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Quite frankly, if it gets to the point in the game that this has been sent 40 times, the game should have ended an hour earlier. That’s likely 50-60 shipments in game, so even if you’re playing nr90, you shouldn’t get anywhere near that many shipments during a game.

The card and revolt are fine as is. The South Africa revolt has trade-offs vs going imp that can be taken advantage of. Don’t ask the devs to remove a unique aspect of the game that can be countered.


In a sense it is a game ending card. Revolutions typically have these kind of cards because they would otherwise not compete with imperial age, which in itself is supposed to be a game ending move.

Someone who tries the dutch revolution strategy is so easily beaten its laughable. You will have a super long period of advantage using age 5 units vs age 4 units. If you got beaten by this I recommend you practice microing units/building economy better. This is in no way broken at all. Leave it as is, it provides a unique and interesting aspect to the game.

The problem is in treaty of 40 min, 60 min or more. Maybe a limit of 20 stacks (100% of life), 10 stacks whit +10% of life or 5 with +20%. That change would not affect the normal mode of the game and would avoid the infinite stacking issue.

I know that many players find it boring to play in treaty. But this change does not affect them at all, since in normal mode they would never reach 20.

i would like it for every infinite upgrade card.

essa carta e um inferno em tratado e no modo guerra de impérios eu chego a banir os britânicos e holandeses em minha salas

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Yes I agree. I feel that wanderlust is weak in standard mode, but it ruins the game experience for me in treated mode and I hope there are not a few of us who feel the same. That’s why I would like wanderlust to stack only 5 times and improve the life in +20%. Thus it would be a more attractive revolution in the standard mode and would have a limit in treaty.
I would do something similar with the infinite cards that make improvements in the population capacity of some unit.

Sure, I forgot the empire war mode. It must also be an awkward card in that mode.

For now we only have the option to ban the Netherlands and England or activate the technology “Blockade” in treaty. But I think it would have the disadvantage that it could prevent other civilizations from improving to the maximum (many like the treaty to have a fully improved army).

I am somewhat pessimistic; I don’t think they will change wanderlust. Those who play treaty are a minority and perhaps many of those who play treaty likes the mechanics of that card. So our opinion has little weight.

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It is often abused in Treaty games and in Empire Wars it is downright a cheat card. Hence my post. :slight_smile:

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its mostly a meme strat with easy counters - it was discussed a while back

Would it be a bad idea to change it to 5 stacks with +20% life?

The fact that you give up imp for it means that you kinda miss out on +50% atk and HP on units so +20% hp is kinda meh tbh

like for it be comparable to an imp upgrade you have to send it atleast 40 times for 80% HP since you dont get any atk buffs

so the infantry units for example, just the 3 combat cards is worth about sending the card 20 ish times since get +30% stats with them

the HP isnt the problem, maybe a speed cap for the super vils but other then that I still think its too much of a meme

+20% HP with 40 stacks are +800% HP. That is better that +50% atack and +50% HP . If it have a limit of 5 stacks then we have +100% HP. That is comparable to an ipm up (+50% HP and atack), and it is for all units while imp up is for one unit. That change is a buff for standar mode because with only 5 sends we have +100% HP for all units while today we need 20 sends for the same buff.

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my bad the card gives 5% HP per shipment instead of the 2% i had in my head from playing malta.

I still think you still have to send it way too much for it to be of concern, if you want to nerf it we can just change it to 2% per shipment

kinda dont understand the point you are trying to make here

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+2% per shipment is too little. +5% is already a weak upgrade.
My conflict is with the concept of infinite stacking. I prefer stronger individual shipments but with a limit. I would even prefer +30% HP per ship with a 5 stack cap.

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South Africa has the most boring and unfair mechanics in the game. if you’re in a treaty game and you don’t beat south africa in the first 20 minutes then south africa becomes invincible who can find something like that funny? only the South African player who knows that he has become almost invincible. wanderlust ruins the treaty experience; infinite improvement cards is the worst idea ever had in age of empires.

He’s not invincible but that ruins treaty games.

You can easily put a stacking limit on it and keep it attractive. I don’t see why having infinite upgrade cards.

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South Africa Wanderlust card in TR60 makes for 1100+HP 1 popslot halberds and 20+ speed villagers. This can never have been the thinking of the game designers and causes griefing in the game. Suggestion is to limit the card to 4-5 sends as may have been intended and not like this to ruin long games.

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I realize this is not a technical bug, rather a misuse and/or griefing of the game. Why do you think so often in lobbys there is an agreement to not go SA? It is because players agree that this is a bug/abuse of the game. So please adjust to the reality of long games and max out this card to 4-5 shipments.

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