Want to join a weekly intermural league?

Some of us at the Griot Bara discord server have started an internal AoE4 league we’re calling The Weekly Joust, and we want to invite you to come play with us!


  • Sign up for 1+ weekly timeslot
  • Show up and get paired with nearest elo you haven’t yet played
  • Internal W-L record and monthly final
  • Some games will be cast
  • Starts tomorrow, Dec 6th

When? One match, weekly, during one or more of these timeslots:

  • Tuesdays - 6a PT / 9a ET / 2p GMT :crossed_swords: Team Games
  • Wednesdays - 6p PT / 9p ET / 2a (thurs) GMT :shield: 1v1’s
  • Thursdays - 1p PT / 4p ET / 9p GMT :dagger: 1v1’s

If you’re looking for a group to play with, this is a place to meet people where you’ll see the same names each week. It’s also been fun to hang out with the others after my game and watch games being cast.

To sign up:

  1. Go to the Griot Bara discord and send a message in the The Weekly Joust discussion channel
  2. State the timeslot(s) you want to join
  3. State your in-game name

Full rules

Games start Dec 6. Let’s go!