War Art > Treasures > Get gold medal is imposible!

I have a problem and it is that in Art of War, in the treasure part it’s impossible to get the gold medal no matter if your timing is perfect with the treasures, just 3:00 minutes is not enough time to get 1000 food. I think this happens since the rework that the Ottomans received because before you had 5 settlers and now you only start with 4. I already tried all the possible combinations and the maximum I have been able to reach is 920 food. I wish you can correct this problem that simply does not allow to get the gold medal.

Before - Now

I took the “before image” from a youtube video, where someone did this level and achieved it in Gold
Here the link: #####################################
Thank you for your time :heart: (◦’⌣’◦)/ :heart:

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Hi there,
The recent ottoman changes did not affect this scenario at all (in Skirmish games, the Ottomans start with 6 villagers and many more crates than they do in this scenario). Also, I just completed it and earned the gold medal. Remember that villagers gather food more quickly from livestock than hunts.

I’m not sure when the YouTube video you’re referencing was made, perhaps the scenario was adjusted to make this task more challenging after the video was made.


I tried it and it still seems possible. The path I took was kill the wolf guardian and get the treasure, Go to the right side, crackshot one of the black bears, go up and collect the sheep, finish the second black bear guardian and take the treasure, go to the north of the map and crackshot the blowgunner guarding 45 food. When there is about 40 seconds left kill the sheep and eat each one with 2 villagers.

There may be another path but that is what worked for me.

Do not pick up the wood crate or make a house since you will not have enough vills to need a house before the gold timer runs out. I also sent 1 villager to herd but I’m not sure it was needed.

to be fair, i did complete this with gold after those changes now that i watched my replay with it, but ye, as @vividlyplain mentions, take all the livestock first, then treasures and hunts in right order, ofc rally the hunts beneath the tc etc.