War Wagon bonus damage vs bildings need change?

War Wagon bonus damage vs bildings need change?


First mangudai anti siege bonus, now this. Korean is nowhere near top tier or seriously need nerf. Why war wagon anti building damage need to change?


You mean a buff. Yeah sure. Buff the war wagon. Otherwise no.

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They have it since 2000 and isn’t close to be strong as the Ele archer bonus damage (They fire slower compared to ele archer).

Someone brought this up already and compared war wagons to arambai. Some people did think that they would become the new arambai after the free armour buff. This trend didn’t catch up for a bunch of reasons.

Compared to the arambai:

  • slower firing rate
  • needs fletching+bodkin arrow
  • more expensive
  • slower, and frame delay is worse
  • Korean have a worse eco than Burmese
  • absolutely hates facing monks

They are oh so much more bulkier and will make archer players hate their life, but not because of the anti-building damage.

And sure, nowadays war wagons do more damage than the arambai to buildings but it’s not anywhere near what one could pull of with the old arambai.


Unless you are 2900 elo in TG or 2k in 1v1, you have no idea how double castle War Wagons work. Watch some pro games and you will learn. Thanks


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The only drastic change I would approve is making war wagons fire like dragon boats or kipchaks, becouse it wpuld resemble hwachas better. Higher fire rate but less damage and accuracy

But that would be a very drastic change and war wagons would became slower arambai, which are like catapults when massed, and koreans already have good onagers.

Thus, no.

Thats not just it, Gates have less armor thus this +5 effects them even more. Try it, 10 WW can kill a gate relatively same speed as double castle Arambi. They also kill buildings (TC and some others) at the same rate. At high level games now these are used in Double Castle format. Give or take 4-6 weeks and this abuse will reach the lower end of elos and will be nerfed.

if anything the stuff affecting higher elo is patched out sooner than lower elo stuff

Kipchak as an example

I agree in general that WW is one of the best UU in the game. I don’t know if you remember this or not, but in RBW3 when Daut picked Koreans vs the kid Larry, and he started to mass WW, literally Larry couldn’t do anything against them. However, i don’t think this UU need any nerf at all, it is not cheap at all, so it is not easy to mass, it costs 90 wood and 60 gold, and Koreans for now in worst 5 civs according to aoestats


i did some testing… i still dont see what the issue is

there isnt any bug. it just does a lot of damage to gates and buildings… but even then its slow, more expensive, slow rof coupled to a generally weak civ…

the arambai attacks much faster, is more mobile and coupled to a civ with a better eco bonus…

AND the arambai actually does more damage per hit, against more targets.

(v gates/buildings) FU WW 18 dmg, FU normal arambai 24 dmg (pre patch) 18 dmg (post patch)

i think you guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill… but yeah go ahead, lets nerf one of the weaker civs…

People on forums like this one aren’t content until they have changed every aspect of the game to their liking.


Watch it and then decide.

How I must watch this?

Download the replay files.
Open your game, go to Single Player → Load Game
Click “Open Saved Games Folder”
Put the replay files you downloaded into this folder (Unziped)
Go back into the game and restart the game.

Once you game is restarted, Repeat the steps, Single Player → Load Game->Replays
Now you should see the downloaded games and watch them.

Basically you just copy paste the replays into the saved folder of the game and watch. This can be done with any replay save files.

If they nerf koreans they may need a major buff because their current state is bad overall.

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