War wagon should have siege weapon armor class

War wagon should have siege weapon armor class.

According to the wood materials, the attack bonus on standard buildings, the powerful firepower, and the historical application, I think it’s reasonable to add this label.

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If anything, that’s a nerf. And I don’t think Koreans need any nerf


Can you explain why? what are the units that has bonus against siege? I checked and now the unit has archer, cavalry archer, cavalry and unique unit armor class. War Wagon

Mangudai and Melee units would absolutely destroy them, and they would also be weak against Rams.


Magyar Hussars have a massive bonus against siege (+5, Elite +8).


War wagon is like elephant archer, it is a cavalry archer unit, not like the ballista elephant, which is a siege unit.


Onagers and bombard cannons will do much more damage against them, also trebs and rams. Then there are UUs like mangudai (which war wagons currently counter), Magyar huszar etc
Adding more armor classes will always result in more weakness, this ain’t Pokemon


Welll yeah they benefit from thumb ring and husbandry, archer and cavalry techs so removing those armor classes from War Wagons would be kinda tricky