Warchiefs civs (Inca, Aztec, Lakotas and Haudenosaunee) need a wooden sustain in late game

Indigenous civilizations seriously suffer from a wood problem during the middle of the game to the final. The Inca civilization is the least affected by this problem because of the Moon Ceremony (however, this tool does not generate enough wood compared to other civilians).
I think that all Civs Warchiefs should have access to Moon Ceremony from age IV (industrial), and Moon Ceremony should generate wood equivalent to at least one factory (and maybe in Age V it even generates wood equivalent to 2 factories or one factory and half).
There may also be other solutions like the villagers generating a small flow of resources or just wood like the Asian civilizations, a card from the age IV (industrial) that sends 1300 wood endlessly, or even a card that specific troops generate wood like the Indians has .

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It’s really only the North Americans that need it, Inca are fine because they have moon ceremony, Aztec get Aztec mining to change their key wood units into gold units. To come up with a “new idea” I think I got one, I put it in quotation because I’m actually stealing something burgundians get in aoe2, in aoe2 gold can run out then there is no way of getting it, but burgundians get a unique tech that makes farmers generate a very slow trickle of gold on top of gathering food, so maybe Lakota and haud should get a card that makes farmers slowly generate wood on top of the food they gather by default

Apart from Haudenosaunee, all other Natives civs do not even need Wood that much.
Aztecs can train all their units for Food and Coin, Lakota abandon their Wood costing units very quickly, and only need Food and Coint for their Stables units and Wakinas, and Incas can get a Wood trickle from the Community Plaza.

Only Hauds have trouble with Wood.

What do Lakota need Wood for? All their actually Meta units, from Age 3 onwards, are just Food and Coin.

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For the BM cetan spam when you know your going to win (:rofl:
But in reality I kinda just decided Lakota should get it too because they have a weak eco so maybe this could give them something

Lakota does not have a weak Eco, you only need about 5 Vills on Wood as them (unless you putting down Farms and Estates), all your other Vills will be on Hunts (best Hunting gather rate in the game) which is what you mostly need for Axe Riders and Bow Riders.

I do the Clubman Rush often, and while it is the most Wood intensive build for Lakota, you still do not need much Wood to it. Having no Houses to build, actually cuts your Wood expenditure by a huge amount.

Ive only been in a handful of Inca games that go super late to where I don’t have access to trees anymore(not a treaty player, but you can easily run out of trees in team games on maps like central plain), but when that happens, the moon ceremony just simply isn’t enough(10 preistess+15 vils), it barely reaches the strength of an un upgraded factory, not even to factor in when you want to be switching between fertility and attack dance, but I can also see why the devs are careful to not make it too powerful, since its basically just safe infinite wood gathering. I’d like to see it a bit stronger though, so that they can fall back on it super lategame instead of requiring the infinite 1200 wood card(which ends up being my main source of wood).

recently i watched a game on twitch tv
In this game Knuschelbär and SoldieR faced each other, from which Bär lost the Inca game due to lack of wood as soon as this game was posted on yt I will post it here.
From age IV onwards you suffer a lot with cannons and mortars, and you need to replace the buildings and this demand for wood ends any Warchief civ, even with the Incas, because Moon Ceremony does not generate enough wood for you to rebuild your base and make jg bow.
That’s why I’m giving Inca as an example, because they have the best eco of civ warchiefs

Moon Ceremony is not there to build your base, just to help you get enough Wood for lategame units (and you will only really use for Jungle Bowmen). You should have all the buildings you need by gathering from Trees, before you start using the super safe Moon Ceremony option.