Warcraft 3 Reforged (Blizzard remastering Warcraft 3)

Seems like more RTS companies start to follow suit after the AOE remasters (EA to remaster C&C as well - link*, while the same Blizzard just remastered SC1).


It looks awesome. I think I want this game too.

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Great remaster and no steam(I guess)

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Even Blizzard is running their own Battle.Net Shop these days.

They also copied the minimum system requirements from the legacy version, so they can expect some complains coming in from people playing this game on Windows XP with a 1 GHz processor and 4K monitor, unless it’s another one of their infamous C&C browser games of course. :grin:

Pre-purchase: Warcraft® III: Reforged releases on or before December 31, 2019.

And we will have to wait at least another age of empires before this game is getting released. :wink:

This might motivate the developers to work a bit harder on AOE II DE. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking the same thing.

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Have competence is healthy, but fantasy RTS or Sci fi isnt great competence to AoE.
those worlds are more for geeks.

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I am guilty as charged. :wink:


WC3 FT is really unique because it defines A-RTS. Even today it still looks amazing and already supports high resolutions like Full HD.

The classics team has been patching the game for about a year now and one of those was HD resolution support.

I have the old no-cd patched version from a decade ago. It runs in 1920x1080, only Windows 10 doesn’t like it too much. Not so stable.

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I recently purchased disc copies on eBay and redeemed the keys on my Blizzard account for digital copies. No problems whatsoever.

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Thanks for the advice. I still might have the original CD and codes somewhere. I think 30 is a reasonable amount. But their microtransaction in-game purchase policy does worry me some though, looking at my accounts balance page. I’m not a fan of the whole SaaS thing anyway. Since latest update of Windows my search glass isn’t working anymore but Windows search is, just to give you an example how they mess up with something again after an update. And I’m already running on non targeted, as I’m a ‘lazy’ geek in short of time who doesn’t like to roll back anything he rolls. :grin:

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Pfff…looks like upgraded Settlers 3 graphics. I never got an appeal to play just because of how stupid it looks to me. Let me reiterate: TO ME!

Also don’t forget what they did with Starcraft remaster. Yeah, they did nothing besides adding Resolution options. LOL (And also leaderboards if you are into those)


Meh. Not interested, not into fantasy filled RTSs. Their updated graphics reminds me of Settlers and Battle Realms.

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I prefer Starcraft but have good features.

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Interesting timing for sure. I remember getting annoyed with some of the mechanics in WC3 back in the day, but hey, I’m starved for good fantasy RTS titles, so I’d probably give it another shot.
I do, however, hope this very direct competition will nudge MS or Forgotten Empires to at least release some shots for AOE 2 DE soon.

/took the chair and put it in the middle of the room/

Psst. I am from the future. And I can say, that “reforged” classic is not good… Some critics reviewed this game as something “middle between real RTS and just a World of Warcraft”.

By the way, is there anyone who is playing in World of Warcraft, multiplayer? I am going to abandon my account, but first I want to give it to someone. Everything is on the high level because I used wow powerleveling to buy. So maybe it will be useful. Otherwise, I will just abandon my acc and that’s it.

Unfortunately, the time to leave the game has come, heh. And it is time to proceed further.