Warhammer 3 release soon

Just waiting for the 14th release for this.
According to beta testers the game is pretty complete. Looks amazing and fun.
Devs listened to there player base and expanded on things the fans wanted and droped the crap everyone hated.

Game looks real nice and the game play online going to be epic. Pretty sure most of the playerbase here going to flee to this game on the 14th

I expect balance issues out of the gate but the devs posted about there patching already. Hot fixes and all. No waiting for 4 months to fix glaring issues.
Already preordered. Cant wait

pease out. im done here
They even post on there own game forums. imagine that


Bye bye, I guess?? :roll_eyes:


TW warhammer 3 is completely different strategy genre

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Good bye, We don’t need your opinions or your toxicity


Mate, I like TW games but they’re notorious for their cross game bugs that never get fixed. See the gate bug in all Warhammer games (including 3)

Nice , go flood tw forum now , bye

Do you know that TW and AoE games are different genres?
Well, in that case, Call of Duty MW 2 will be released soon.
And soon there will be Cult of Lamb which promises to be fun

What does this have to do with aoe4?

Stop spamming the forums with nonsense. Hopefully this means you will stop now

You’ve been saying your out for awhile now. Also TW is not the same as AoE so I doubt the player base will leave to go play total war

Is it just me or is this crybaby wailing through this forum since day 1?
I am glad you found a new game you can put your effort in, but how about using your energies more efficient next time instead of throwing your negativity against other people on forums?

Here I thought I was the only one who noticed

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