Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Remastered Please

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War.

I am currently seeing an increase in fans of the Warhammer 40k franchise, I think it is a good time for Relic developers to make a Remaster of this game so beloved by fans.

In addition to the above, I think that the game could have a lot of potential with some new mechanics, for example, the mechanics of cover (DW:II) and shelter in neutral buildings as well as a graphic improvement according to current times (DW:III), I think that a Dawn of War updated to the current time, could be very beneficial.

PS: It also has what in my opinion is the best mechanic ever conceived, the ability to customize the colors, flags and insignia of your army, as well as being able to create your own. :star_struck:


Even in the off topic forum, this is pretty off topic. This is mostly for Age of Empires games, and as such, Microsoft is probably the main developer, or one of the sub devs of MS, like Forgotten Empires. Relic just did AoE4, surely there’s a more Relic specific forum?

Sure, this forum is only for Age of Empires. :rofl:


If you are not interested in the subject, you do not need to invent things, just say it freely, I will respect your opinion even if I do not share it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know of a specific forum for Relic and I’m not interested in creating a new account in another forum either, but thanks for the suggestion. :+1:

Fair enough. I guess I’m talking more about the forum as a whole. My apologies though.

Wouldn’t the Warhammer 40k Dawn of War forum be the best place to talk about a remaster? I’m assuming there is a forum for it. Or the Reddit, surely there would be one of those.

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Absolutely, Every franchise is being revived… next year even dead space is getting revived so why not. And with AOE 4 and COH 3 Relic is in really good form. Everyone will have eye on whatever they do next.

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There are tens of thousands of video games (excluding mobile ones- probably in 120-150k range) , a handful of remasters or remakes per year doesn’t constitute the use of the word ‘every’. In fact, looking at the industry as a whole- barely anything gets ‘revived’.

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