Warning. We encountered issues while retrieving your xbox id

i purchased aoe: de but when i launch it. i have the error “Warning. We encountered issues while retrieving your xbox id. etc…” help me plz

same error here. I just purchased the game via MS store, installed it and now I receive this message. I can click “ok” but the message comes up again and wont let me do anything

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Please check if Xbox Companion-console and Xbox Game Bar have been installed on your system. You can find them in the MS Store app.

Also check your Xbox profile settings at https://account.xbox.com and in case of purchase through Steam you’ll probably need to connect your Steam account to your Xbox account.

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THANK YOU PCS70! I also had to install the XBox identity provider but with this 3 Apps AOE2 is running. Thanks for your fast help.

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thanks u a lot. If u get this error, you need to install : Xbox Companion-console, Xbox Game Bar and XBox identity provider. And it works fine :stuck_out_tongue: thanks u again unfroehlich and PCS70

I am having the exact same issue as mentioned in this topic. I’ve bought and downloaded the game from the microsoft store, installed the Xbox companion console, the xbox game bar, and the xbox identity provider, but still the game gives me that “warning we’ve encountered issues…” starting screen every time. How can I get this game to work?

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I had the same issue. I installed the game a month ago and in the first few weeks it went fine, but after that, I always got this error.
I did try everything that was recommended on these forums but nothing helped me, however, I noticed that the Xbox Companion-console could not load in and therefore could not synchronise and this caused the issue. Tried to reinstall it and everything but only [A.User] solution could help me:

If it did help for you give the guy a thumbs up =)