Warring island crash

today I was triyng to play a game with a friend but we found a strange bug.

We wanted to play on warring island 2 (me and my firend) vs 2 (2 standard AI) vs 1 (standard AI) but the game kept crashing during the loading screen.

We tried update the graphic driver, change graphic settings, lock the frame rate, ecc… but nothing seemed to work; so we did some tests.

We tried the following:

  • 1vs1 on warring island → no problem
  • 2vs1 on warring island → no problem
  • 2vs2 on warring island → no problem
  • 3vs3 on warring island → no problem
  • FFA (6 player) on warring island → no problem
  • 2vs2vs1 on warring island → Crash
  • 2vs2vs1 on arabia → no problem
  • 2vs2vs1 on archipelago → no problem

So it seems that that there is a problem with too many squad with different number of player, maybe when the game tries to correclty size the islands for the teams?
Did someone else notice this behaviour?

Thank you

Best regards


Sorry you’re seeing this @antias. But thank you for reporting! Best thing to do here is to contact support with your warnings.log file after you experience a crash. Much appreciated!

@antias Issue occurs for me as well. Did you get an update on the matter?

Please do contact support—thanks!