Warrior-Monk should be HRE unit instead of Rus

Why developers decided to give Rus a warrior monk unit instead of HRE? Rus as a civ doesn’t have any unique religious mechanics that fit their fantasy/concept.

Also it is worth mentioning that historically Rus didn’t have any precedents of priests being actively utilized in combat or participating in a warfare at all. As I understand, developers took a battle between monk Alexander Peresvet versus Tatar champion in the Battle of Kulikovo as an inspiration, but it was a unique engagement and it never happened again. Alexander wasn’t a member of any religious orders (Rus didn’t have any).

From the other hand, HRE was supposed to be a civ that utilizes religious units to buff their infantry and controls relics for Regnitz Cathedral. I think it would be a great idea to slightly nerf Regnitz Cathedral (from +300% to 200-250%) and allow it to train a warrior-monk (let’s name it Crusader) units instead of Rus. This unit will have the exact same mechanics as warrior-monk (Saint’s Blessing and related upgrades) and will help HRE a lot with map control and relics. Also AoE buff from Saint’s Blessing will help a lot with an infantry based army composition that HRE specializes in.

From a historical perspective I don’t see any issues with such decision, Holy Roman Empire was a well known defender of a Catholic church and Papal States and was actively participating in Crusades.

TLDR; Warrior-Monk fits HRE fantasy more, fixes issues with both game design (early map control, helps to secure relics, buffs infantry) and historical accuracy.


Not a bad idea to nerf the regnitz in favor of monk combat abilities.

And I favor some kind of area of effect buff over giving them more speed. Speed would make the relics too easy to get, and HRE isn’t really a mounted civ.

Also, if you nerf regnitz bonus to 200%, say, id also want to buff tithe barns (relics also give other resources) and allow that bonus to multiply in regnitz. MAA require a lot of pop space in late imperial, and the passive income of regnitz is a really nice way to free up pop space.

I’m on board, HRE needs cavalry prelate instead of Rus, Literally makes no sense being on Rus.

They would be so broken with relic 300 gold per minute up to 3 relics with dudes on horses getting them.,… that you would get these cavalry monks at the start of the game? um no thats not balanced.

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I explained that this change should be coupled with Regnitz nerf to 200-250gpm per relic and those mounted monks should be trained only in Regnitz. Prelates are left without changes.

In my opinion they fit there realy well and they shouldnt delete it from rus.

Dont take this against ur agrument but getting rid of one isnt there the right answer in my opinion.
The warriormonk has a amazing synergie with the rus faction with the scouts and knights.

I wouldnt steal but get inspired by it :wink: u get it :stuck_out_tongue:

The prelate should get the speedupgrade from infatry and should be as fast as them (like rus with cavalery). I would add that they can attack too and are more tanky maybe even a little armored. So it would be again a mirrow of there army.

If u would get HRE a mounted monk it would break the Rus HRE Reliqgame matchup. The HRE can preplace there prelates on the reliqs because they can build them even in dark age and rus has to rush castle with abbey of trinity to get even a small time advantage and can only train one prelate at a time when the HRE should stand on 3 reliqs.

So please have balance and fun in mind and dont crippel rus for the favour of HRE and Im saying this as a diehard HRE main.

that would never happen. to remove a unit from a civ and just give to another one:)). but on the top of prelats… you are doing something rong… u need to send your HRE prelate to the relics. while the Cathedral is under construction… as soon as u reach age 3 u instantly grab the relics… the rus needs to hit casttle then train the monk… hre has the advantage of already having monks. u just escort him with 3-4 spears on ech relic.

I agree, It would be cool to see a Teutonic Knight/Warrior Monk enter the fold, would fit the bill having such a unit under the HRE. Instead of being able to self-heal like the French Royal Knight, it would be neat if it could convert and heal friendly units and awesome to see it have 20 less HP than the Royal Knight. HRE needs a tad boost to their cavalry in my opinion. I realize HRE’s infantry is top shelf, but I was surprised to see that their and English knights are lacking. They both need a boost so that they can contend with Royal Knights, either that or the Royal Knight needs taken down a peg or two.

neah… spears and crosbows. the french got an indirect nerf when they buffed spearman and crosbows. also the man at arms with 2 hand wepons beat royal knights

No they shouldnt. In my opinion there is a T4 range infantery unit missing like the Strelzy maybe lighter faster and a bit more range. Its maybe not right by history but its okay that they have weak cav. In my opinion it would be designed cool if the HRE can play nearly with baracks and archery ranges alone only if they wanna go prof scouts and knight harass they add stables. It would fit the infatery focus well imo

I realize that, but cavalry vs cavalry, the Royal Knight is superior. Would be nice to see English and HRE cavalry lifted up a bit. If someone is HRE in game, everyone knows what is coming in the build queue.

like my post before. I dont think they should do it. They only reason to get knights as HRE is after fast castleing to get knights on t3 lvl out to harass or fight archer armys. They shouldnt be in there ultimate lategame army imo.

Spears, Maa. fiew landsknecht + bows and crossbows + only view siege should do the work for them by design.

Like I said im only missing a t4 range infatery unit, Landsknecht adjustments and the spear bracing bug fixed and I would be happy army wise.

Not gonna happen kids.

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haters gonna hate so do what u want :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

but never stop dreaming

Yea, you can dream as much as you like, but it will never happen.

sorry for ur bad view of the wonder that is life but im believing in the good. Life gifted me a especialy good life, a wunderful wife and kids.

So sorry bro but pls get ur negativity out of here and maybe change ur mind to the good of everyone

PS: if u keep trolling my smile will even grow bigger :stuck_out_tongue:

Still makes no sense being on RUS.

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