Warrior Monk's Blessing

camel archer/rider (debuff and support)
Farima Leader Sofa
zeal scholars
inspired warrior prelates


Warrior Monk

The difference between the listed units’ buffs and the Warrior monk is the method in which it gets activated.

because of the changes to attack move, getting the warrior monk to trigger its buff is far more clunky and unreliable than other other units.

some of the units above just have an aura that is always active, affecting allied or enemy units appropriately, without any action needed on the part of the controlling player.

some of the units above have an active ability which can be clicked to create the temporary effect for nearby units.

a couple need to target allied units, but do so in a fashion compatible with attack move (zeal and inspired warriors) which apply the buff individually to units.

the warrior monk needs to land an attack on a unit to trigger the 10 second buff.

since the devs are currently looking into warrior monk buffs and adjustments given the pup changes, I think that the warrior monk should join the group which have an active ability that can be triggered using a hotkey.

this would remove the issue of attack move working against the player and simultaneously make the warrior monk a much more participatory member of a Rus player’s army.

of all the units listed above, I think it is hard to disagree that the warrior Monk’s ability to affect other units is the least intuitive and works the most against its design as a combat unit. even the lesser used buffing units are capable of applying their modifier without difficulties.

You forgot to mention the tiny detail of the buff applying instantly in an area of effect unlike the single targeted Inspired Warrior and Zeal. It can also be reapplied infinite amount of times as long as the warrior monk is alive - which they probably are going to be with their now 420+ HP in Imp…unlike Khan Arrows with it’s long cool down. King heal doesn’t work in combat (?), not sure why it’s in that list?

So only the pure aura based buffs of mehter and camel archers are superior in practicality. In return, their actual effect isn’t as good as even unupgraded warrior monk buff.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say in the last sentence; the reason it works this way is precisely because it’s supposed to be a combat unit!

They’ve already improved it’s attack in S2; they have longer attack range than most other melee units so they can stand on the second row and still being able to attack. I think they’re fine as is. There are WAY more pressing issues for Rus that’s not even addressed in this patch.