Was Dutch meant to be nerfed - wasnt in balance changes

I load into a online 1v1 multiplayer game post yesterdays patch. It seems like the balance team decided to remove 100w starting crate from dutch. Before patch the starting crates were 500c 200w, now its 500c and 100w. For reference the final EP9.3 test patch had dutch start with 400c 100f and 200w but was voted to be too weak for dutch considereing every other civs (bar germany) have their best start due to fixed crates.

All im asking is that was this intentional or just a mistake? If it is intentional can this be added to the change log with a reasoning of why this change was implemented. Feels a little early for rash changes like this.

Apart from this the first Hotfix patch had a lot of great changes so keep this up!

Many thanks


Seems like a bad change. Dutch should have 7 crates to fit the fixed crate pattern across all legacy civs.

Prob a bug because it’s not in the patch note.

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It should be posted as a bug report in that section.

I find dutch pretty fine in DE