Was researching "Cannon Galleon" tech causing problems?

I was surprised to read this update in latest patch:

I enjoyed researching both techs. Were players really recommending or demanding Cannon Galleon tech be removed, if so, why?

R.I.P. Cannon Galleon tech

Just to say: The Turks Gunpowder techs discount is more pointless than ever.


What is atm, hc, and bbc?

How else is am I supposed to read this? The Cannon Galleon tech is, essentially, made obsolete by “Chemistry” tech. It says so in the screenshot I posted:

PS: Why does every post from you have to be so negative and always personal attacks on people? Focus on the topic being discussed; not personal attacks. The forum’s Code of Conduct calls for it.


Why does everyone has to feel attacked for any word nowadays?

its 2021 atm=automatic, hc=hand cannon and bbc=bombard canon.

The page notes never said they were going to remove the unit, so starting from there you got everything wrong.

Then you liked to research two techs before you can train a unit?

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That’s true. But words have meaning/intent and it’s just nicer to try and not put people down, or use kinder, non-inflammatory words

I never said they were going to remove the unit. I talked about the tech

I did. I saw nothing wrong with it. The dock has its own interesting nuances going on, and I don’t mind because its creations are for the water.

I often play as Spanish, and make Cannon Galleons practically all the time whenever there’s water.

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I though it means «at the moment» 11


it only works for elite cannon galleon upgrade and bombard tower upgrade BUT it doesnt apply on Bombard Tower upgrade as it is said -%50 food cost remains same awkwardly.
As a solution maybe Elite Jans and Artriely (cant write this ■■■■) upgrade can be discounted idk.
Or maybe another reliable bonus rather then this.

THIS for the love of God.


How removing one step of tech could means «RIP Cannon Galleon»? It is the opposite. Maybe you are overreacting here or I missing your point


I was referring to the tech, not the unit. I’ve since clarified the thread title and my post to make it abundantly clear

Yeah but that interpretation is out of context here…anyways have a nice day

But the strength has actually increased. Unlocking Cannon Galleons straight up hitting Imperial Age, without even needing a university, is no joke!

Actually great idea.

Hold on!!! Woah! Woah! Woah!

Atm = at the moment


I usually forget to research Cannon Galleon in treaty games until the last minute so I think this was a really nice change.

Don’t think of it as being removed. It just costs nothing for everyone and is researched instantly after chemistry :slight_smile: That’s how the game treats it anyway!

It doesn’t really make sense for a bonus that only one civ gets to apply to techs that the same civ gets. If you want, just make the techs cheaper and it’s less confusing.

It’s one less click. It’s practically auto-Cannon Galleons now :wink:

It’d be like “Caravan” tech at Marketplace all the sudden making War Wagons possible (for Koreans).

Castles can be quite oppressive on water maps, trebs aren’t always an option. Cannon galleons are very expensive per unit themselves, having to wait for chemistry and then another pretty expensive upgrade just to train ships that are only useful to take down castles was just too much of a paywall


I was thinking about custom scenarios too. Moreover, the Chinese discount bonus applies to the UTs too.

Also, Elite Janissaries are available in full tech tree, but not the civ bonuses.