Wat new civ do you want for Age of empires III DE

  • Americans
  • Brazilian
  • Mexicans
  • Canadian
  • Comanche
  • Apache
  • Cree
  • Maya
  • Inca’s
  • Mapuche
  • Italians
  • Polish
  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Bulgarians
  • Lithuanians
  • Austrians
  • Swiss
  • Swedish
  • Koreans
  • Indonesian
  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Kongolese
  • Mali
  • Zulu

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Should be the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth


None. No exploits and fixed multiplayer is all i ask.


kurdish if they ever do it, but i would rather have them fix the game


I would like to see as minor civilizations:

-The Charrua: They were South American people of equestrian culture who were in contact for centuries with and against the Spanish and Portuguese Empires (Even with present-day Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina), they had a peculiar way of riding horses (hidden to the side)

charruas cavaleiros Charrua 4

-The Yaquis:
They were a warrior culture from Central America that fought in conflicts from 1533 to 1929. They fought against the Spanish Empire, Mexico, and the United States.

-The Shuar (Jíbaros): In 1490 they rejected the Incas and in 1549 they failed the first Spanish incursions. In 1599 the Shuar led by Kirup permanently expelled the Spanish from their territory, who gave them the name of “jíbaros”. They are the legendary Amazonian “head reducers” and their culture is kept alive to this day in the Amazon rainforests of Ecuador and Peru.
jibaros con cabeza

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Danes, Austrian and Swedes.

Thai. I’m also sure Red Bull would like to sponsor development.

personally would love to see how they would ballance/design the swiss, but I highly doubt that is an option since the swiss pikemen are already in the game as a shipment. What would the swiss make in their barracks? tanky swiss pikes just like the shipment?

One more powerful Asian civ such as Persian.

There are 4 American civs but only 3 asian civs.It’s unfair~

Why are Bulgarians here, Bulgarians were only a thing during the Middle Ages hence why they were included in 2DE.

also where is denmark-norway?