Wat ships low damage

I understand warships shouldn’t wipe out an entire army with 1 cannon ball, but having a warship shoot 8x to kill 1 villager is way too unrealistic. :frowning:

Well, so everything is in order since it’s not an RTS spinoff of the ARMA series - it’s not a question of realism but game balance.
I mean if we’re going to start questioning realism, I’d suggest asking how it’s possible to create an adult human being in 25 seconds instead of 25 years, why animals do not poop, how come you don’t see any children, or why the sun is not setting down :slight_smile:

If you think about it - have you ever tried to hit a running human with an XVIth century cannon from a war vessel?
These things are not sniper rifles. Just because they shoot bang bang big balls of iron doesn’t mean they’re effective against such targets, and even if they somehow would be irl, that shouldn’t automatically translate into the game ruleset.

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Look, I don’t need 1 hit 1 kill, especially not with rifles, as they don’t always kill (certainly the older ones from that era). They can also animate cannonballs to miss, as I agree with your that this happened a lot, however, at least when they hit, they should be lethal for normal units (since this isn’t an adult game, I don’t think they will animate limbs flying off to let the unit stay alive to face the second cabin ball)

8 or 10 cannonballs, all hitting the target, and taking off their heath bit by bit, takes too much off the immersion.