Watching Recorded Games/Spectating and checking statistics load time

If I’m watching a rec back or spectating a game and I want to look at a variety of game stats, due to the fact that there is no proper spectator overlay/capture age I need to check the post-game statistics via the options menu but I then need to wait 5-30 seconds for the numbers to slowly scale up to their correct amount.

If I’m watching a game I don’t want to waste my time looking at these numbers, I want to check a single variable and then get back into the game.

There is also some different behaviour compared to Userpatch AoC on Voobly with WololoKingdoms, where normally I would simply press ‘esc’ to quickly close out of the achievements and get back into the game, but in DE pressing esc defaults to ‘Return to Replays’ which is not expected behaviour.