Water maps


I’m not sure exactly what you are getting at, but on the subject of water maps, here is my personal opinion. I think the water in Boulder Bay was restricted too much. With the new naval rework, I want to see a few water maps and Boulder Bay is no longer a water map. It’s a hybrid map. I would also like something like Amazon in AOE 3 where there is a river through the middle with no crossings. Right now the two island maps, and Mediterranean, are the only water maps. It may be enough since Mediterranean replaces Boulder Bay. I just don’t see the point of Boulder Bay with as little water as we saw in the pup.

i wouldn’t call the new boulderbay a hybrid map even.
The water is so tiny and insignificant that Water trade is not even viable at the furtherst reaches.
The water is in a corner that dosn’t really have any impact on the gamepaly for both sides allowing for strategic use.
Only reason to contest water is to get the relic site if you’re going for relic victory or playing dheli.

Boulder Bay was perfectly fine as it was, I have no idea why they decided to “nerf” the water.

I hate that there is a number of players that absolutely despises water for some reason, that they are squeezing out any water from any map, reducing them into mere puddles.
THere are so many Land-based maps, or Hybrid Maps where water dosn’t even play a major role, it really irks me who prefers naval combat (regardless of game).

Boulder Bay pretty much turned into a puddle in a remote corner.
Confluence has bridges that blocks any strategic use of river-navy.
All the major lakes in Ancient Spires have been removed and reduced into tiny puddles.
Archipelago and Team isles are pretty much removed from Quick Match.

The only viable water map ATM is MegaRandom of all things.

And all this boggles down to the simple fact, people want to use bodies of water as a “free invincible wall” for their towns and keep squeezing fights through bottlenecks.
And even with the new Naval Rework that actually makes Navy fights viable.
People still don’t want to play on water maps, and dodges them whenever they see them.

The pros seem to be contesting water pretty heavily on the new Boulder Bay.

well, pro’s tend to contest pretty much every corner of the maps quite heavily though. lol.
Kawasan is pretty crazy consider how intense water fights get on those tiny ponds, But it’s not a “make it or break it” factor anymore. More like, I’ll contest it to make sure you won’t benefit from it.

In would say something akin to how Boars are for the game.
It’s not really someone really needs to go for, but if you do see someone going for Boar, you almost guarantee that you send something to try sabotage / harass it whenever possible.

I personally like Boulder Bay now. Looks like they expanded the water a little since the PUP.

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its OK for 1v1, but have you seen the team maps?
That lake dosn’t scale in size and keeps pretty much the same size it has for 1v1.