Water rework

i didnt like the water update it was better before those explosive ships destroys mighty carracks but they just scracht the little arrow ship i just dont like the non logical aproach here giving the arrow ships damage over time tech is the right thing tho i just only liked this in this rework

i dont agree with your post , imo water balance is the best…


I love the new update. My only complaint is the lack of scouting leads to the rock paper scissors being less strategy and more chance and guessing. On land, you scout a stable and know to make spears. On sea, you see a dock and just randomly build a ship hoping it counters whatever is about to pop out of the opponent dock. I think this can be solved by giving a visible indication of what ship is coming out next from the opponent dock so you can scout and prep for it. An old obsolete game called American Conquest does this as shown bellow. The other solution is multiple types of docks and shipyards, but that’s way harder to implement.

Shipyard displays type of ship that is under construction.


That’s a good point about not being able to scout it before the first unit pops out. Does make it slightly more reactive.

I’m not sure if it’s much of an issue though.

I definitely don’t think multiple dock types is good overall since it would exacerbate the issue of coming back on water.

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yes they add counter it is good but making demo ships continuesly to destroy other ships it feels weird

This is becaude arrow ships are supposed to counter demos, while demos counter the bigger ships.
This was done to have a rock paper scizors dynamic in water maps and make it about countering your oponent rather than just the one who masses more ships wins.


From what I have seen they need to tune down the demo ships as I think they are overall good against everything which defeats the whole purpose of scissor rock paper for naval gameplay.