Way to completely remove the ugly birch tress?

I need help with removing/disabling the hideous birch trees from my game files for ever so I don’t have to look for a mod every update every day, if it has been updated to the current version and works to disable the active and ongoing crime of ruining my eyes and games with the big ugly stumps.

Why do you think they are ugly? If you really want to make a mod to change it, just find the file name for the Birch Trees, find the file for the tree type you want instead, then make a mod with the same folder path as the Birch Trees would normally have, copy in the files for the replacement tree, and rename them to have the Birch file names. I hope that both works, and makes sense, because I like all the trees, and haven’t modded any of them, and I’m just assuming they run on a similar system to unit graphics mods.

I like the birch trees. I petition that someone should lock your game to only have birch trees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are mods to only have the same trees—I’m sure a mod could be made.