Way to download maps?

Is there a way to download AOE4 Maps? like for example… I make a map called “Live Forever” and then instead of publishing it. ZIP up the folder and send to my friend. Then He can load it up and work on it. Or No?

Thanks, New to this stuff.

Why is it a problem for you to “publish it”. If I am not mistaken “publishing” does not necessarily mean making it public. If for some reason you don’t want to make it public so that your friend can get it. Just keep it local then invite him to a custom game with that map in principle the game will automatically download it for him.

There could be other ways of copy pasting files but I never tried or bothered with that. ( I think the default directory where your maps go is something like: Users\pc\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\mods\extension\local) so maybe putting the map folder in that location on his PC would work.

Ok, I think I got you misunderstanding… I want him to Edit where I am messing up on… The I can go from there. as I stated… The Folder “Live Forever” has everything in it… so He in theory should be able to work on it and give me back the work He done. Making any sense?

makes perfect sense, now can it be done, don’t think so
not that i’d know of

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Wow, I did it… Zip the Folder, (Windows) and delete the Mod your working on… Then kill editor… Unzip Archive and search for mod by loading. find it in folder and load “Live Forever” … Works, Sorry I jumped the gun.

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