Way too much food & wood on Scandinavia

Really hate this map. No space to build anything so it always feels cramped, stupid pools of water dotted around, way too many food sources, ridiculous amount of forests which you’ll never get through in a game. I hate water generally, but if they must have water they could at least connect the two sides together. Can’t even ban it because I already use my bans on other maps. We need Viper to pick the maps again!

High resources is a noob setting. Change my mind.

God forbid you play a different map… It’s a closed map, the wood isn’t to collect it, it’s to form natural walls, it’s meant to be a bit cramped, also the water being disconnected is not a mistake, it adds another dimension to being able to control just one, both or neither (kinda like the lakes in Four Lakes)

If you don’t like the map just change one of the bans to it, or wait for a bit for a new map pool, this map pool is actually great imo, one of the few times I haven’t used all my bans and I don’t know which one to favorite

Also even if it was a “noob setting” (it isn’t) what’s wrong with that? noobs play ranked too…


IMO, Scandinavia is my bottom line, Yucatan is even worse so I ban it every time.

Scandinavia is similar to 4 lakes , but you can fight on water sometimes.

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It is though. The only games played with high resources in the Voobly days was Black Forest with Explored map, often with 300 pop. The cramped feeling of Scandinavia is so claustrophobic.

I agree that there isn’t enough space, because of forest. But two separated lakes make the map unique. That is why it is called Scandinavia. And many food sources also differentiate the map from other maps.

Many food sources are a good thing in general imo, because it rewards creativity and risks in the early game. In comparison early food management on Arabia or Arena is always the same and boring imo.

But is Scandinavia played with high ressources? I never noticed that. If you have to collect the ressources with villagers it is different.

Edit: I just checked: High ressources means 1000 food at the start along with similar numbers for other ressources. That is surely not the case for ranked Scandinavia matches.

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The real world Scandinavia has aot of trees. So itmakes sense. Also if you say maps with a lot of wood and food are for noobs, then what about arena and BF?