I have the impression that we are playing a beta version, and that something bigger seems to be coming, i dont know
We are almost 1 week after the release and no response from the community, I can say that the game has a lot of possibilities to become something big, but the way it looks to me is a beta version of something bigger
I can name a few things that can confirm that we are playing a beta version or the game was released completely unfinished due to lack of time.

  1. We still don’t have a scenario editor.
  2. We dont have a rank in game (comming soon we see in the game)
  3. UI poor and they haven’t worked on the UI at all since over 1 year ago, and we can see this through videos PS: I can make a similar UI in a few days of work, so I don’t know what the problem was here
  4. Hotkeys: in terms of rts is the most important thing
  5. poor matchmaking, in terms of the number of players at the moment you shouldn’t wait more than a few seconds to find a player.
  6. Performance issues
  7. a tremendous variety of basic things that all other rts including all age already have and are sorely needed!

I hope they are working so that all the things that are still missing become reality, not otherwise, this game with great potential will be a failure!

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W.r.t. matchmaking time I believe it has to do with the fact that of the thousands of people playing only a total of 11k are registered on the quicksearch 1v1 leaderboards atm and a large number of them are not in your elo range I expect. The vast majority of people still seems to be playing single player (and might continue to).

Personally I can’t really think of any performance issues I have had and I’m playing on high mid range (RX 5700 XT, Ryzen 5 3600) hardware on maximum (be it non 4k) settings.

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performance issues are random for some people, as for me too!