We deserve some love for AoM!

Hey folks,

I know that this topic has been discussed many times but I’d like to share my own thoughts about this game and what it meant for me as a kid, and what it still means for me to this day. I love the first two games in the franchise (AoE & AoE II) but when it comes to AoM it has a special place in my heart.

I remember back then when I was a kid, exploring all the different civilizations and their mythology creating an amazing experience, were different mythology’s come to life and you get the chance to battle each other with each civilization having their strengths & weaknesses in the battlefield.

However that being said over the years without any properly support from Microsoft the game has plenty with issues such as: Bugs that never got fixed, missing quality of life improvements or balance issues just to name a few, and it’s very notable these days which takes the enjoyment from this game.

I know that the chance of us getting a AoM 2 or even an remastered edition with all the necessary fixes of the first game is very slim, but I’d like to make my voice heard in case Microsoft see our desire for this game to get the love it needs from them and that they’ve many players around the globe that would be eager for some great news of beloved game.

Please Microsoft I beg you to hear our voice, don’t forget your AoM community in the process of re-making all other games in this franchise because that would be very sad indeed.

Take care folks


AOM was good, titans ruins some mechanims i think


You can turn them off.

AoM was a great game.
I prefer classic AoM than the Titans
I hope it soon gets also a DE