We do a big step back with latest patch?

hi read, and try the new client and WTF the problem that we have are the same that was resolved in the xbox client 1 years ago?
Who test this version?
Why not release a client on steam like the latest client in xbox?
We have really the same problem of 1 year ago, the team ? wont work, the performance issues, the chat but, cant see ping etc, and also the rating games are just ridicoulos, we need a integrated sistem that rank 1v1 RM 1v1 DM , team RM and team DM , not 1v1 , 2v2 , 3v3 , 4v4 , where if u set a 4v4 and start a 3v3 cause u dont find people is not rated… Who use the brain in this release?
We need to improve this game , if developer work and improve some feature u release a version that havent this improvement?