We got new desert landscape

Ottomans and Malians share the same theme,The areas they controlled historically were all contact with the Sahara Desert
So we can probably guess what landscape will appear with our next new civilization?
Mediterranean landscape: Byzantines +?
Northern Europe Snow landscape: Norse +?
Mesoamerica Jungle landscape: Aztec +?
and Southeast Asian sea landscape
I would also like to see a landscape similar to the colorful woods in Eastern Europe that came with Eastern European civilization


I was going to say that too! Look they are even palm trees!


In the Ottomans second part you can also see new forests: pine trees. It’s a shame the trailer is so low quality. I guess it was recorded from the projected presentation.


Watch it in Xbox YT Channel.

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I wonder if the wildlife will be the same in the new desert biome as in the other biomes. I hope not. If it’s supposed to represent the area around Mali, it should have African wildlife (e.g. antelopes instead of deer, warthogs or elephants instead of wild boar, and lions/leopards/spotted hyenas instead of wolves).


Just a landscape, it’s not enough. I would like to see the expansion of fauna: bears, elephants, lions, antelopes, etc.


nah, it is how the game looks at 1080p…

When do the new civs drop?

October 25 but pup next month

tbh, it has me the most hyped. I can now make my own tropical island paradise with a single house, 2 palm trees, and a villager giving me record Idle time on the stats.

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A glimpse of hope… maybe in this DESERT area they wont be putting DEER, WOLVES AND BOAR… right??? maybe…???.. PLEEEEEASEEE??? just add new animals to this map AT LEAST…

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It looks like we’re getting cows as herdable units and some type of new hunt which looks similar to a deer. I hope there is more fauna, but that’s all we saw in the trailer.

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The cows are unique to Malians according to their official page.

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Okay, so maybe not a herdable exactly like sheep, which are randomly scattered on the map.

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I hadn’t noticed the new hunt you mention. That’s interesting, I need to go back and find it.

I think deer and wolves are the easiest Gaia they could replace with more variants.


yes, some „skin“ for the animal and you have variations without much work.

i bet we will see something like this in future

i added this idea in some feedbacks, maybe you can do it next time too.


I may have mistaken the bulls as another animal now that I watch the trailer again more carefully. I hope there is a new huntable animal.