We got windmills. Why not sawmills?

Some of the new european maps feature windmills that produce 1 food/sec. While getting food is always useful, I think its the resource that devalues the fastest thanks to upgrades and the overall higher base gather rate.

On the other hand, wood is always hard to come by, and its the one resource that limits players the most: wood is used to build production buildings and houses (it allows food and gold to be turned into units) and to research eco and military upgrades (increases the value of villagers and military units).

I think a sawmill that produces wood over time could create a point of intrest to fight over on the map.

What do you think?


Love this idea, especially on maps where trees are sparse.


I really wish they’d increase the gather rate for wood, but this would be great as well

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And when we are at it there should also be something for coin.
I think that already exists as a bank in some historical maps.

That would make less sense context wise though.
But yeah.

Maybe something like a Scandinavian water map that has sawmills on an island that you might want to fight over because you’ll need a lot of wood for ships.

Capturable buildings that work like the African granaries and give a local boost might be nice too.
Global modifiers might be too powerful unless it’s like only one of them on the map.

I think a sawmill would be a cool unique building for a new civilization.