We have a performance test for Ranked, what about an IQ test next?

Seriously, that or fix your stupid matchmaking which always matches a Team of 1800’reds vs a Team of 2500 Team with 4 premade Discord Voice Channel that absolutely recks everyone.
Matchmaking at its current status is absolutely useless and it just mashes the first 8 players against each other in a horrible and ridiculous attempt to somewhat look balanced (like giving one noob to both teams, which basically ends up being a coinflip on who wins)
The whole system needs to be revisited and redesigned, evolving around Winrate and not Elo, as we already know TG Elo is broken right now (due to mass inflation)


Agree that ranked TGs are unbalanced, I always get someone afk lol
also it should consider the 1v1 ELO to make fair teams.

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Matches vs premades are indeed never fair. I wish the matchmaking system would stop matching me vs premades. This is already normal in games like Overwatch for good reasons. Premades are often in voice chat, can match their civs for good combinations and chances that one of them ignores teamplay are pretty low (unlike with randoms).


i said this a year ago when i first started playing… the TG elo inflation is also a “known issue” which has been brought up for a year now… devs just dont care…

I hated playing with uncoordinated randoms, so I found some Discords and played around with a bunch of ppl until I found a group that I meshed well with. It’s much better to have a known set of people that you can talk to and plan with, for sure.

I think they should implement stricter penalties on those afkers.

Yeah 1V1 elo is what really matters after all

Team game rating has some issues at the moment. One of them is about how to deal with solos vs premades.

Most of these issues are already discussed in this thread. You might wanna have a look at this thread. You might already refer to this thread by refering to mass inflation. The idea of dealing with solos vs premades is already discussed in that thread as well. You might find some good suggestions of dealing with this issue as well in that thread.

The mean issue with team game ratings is inflation, but the second largest issue is probably how to deal with solos vs premades.

This is only how quick play works. It is not done this way on ranked. MM for ranked really looks at ratings. But i agree with you: most games are pretty much unbalanced and winning them is a coinflip a the moment.

Not every TG player plays a lot of 1v1s. Some might even have no 1v1 Elo at all. Therefore this isnt really an option. Dont get me wrong: 1v1 ratings are much more reiable and therefore most likely a better indication of someones skills. Fully agree with that part.

If we got a good TG elo calculation, this isnt also needed. Then we just can use the TG rating. But the current issues with the TG rating needs to be fixed first.

For 1v1. For teamgames, a very different set of skill is required. 1v1 is a lot about unit transistions and micro. Teamgames are about coordination and army movement on the (much) bigger map. Micro still matters, but its a lot easier as you usually have only one type of units (either cav or xbows). The ability to micro skirm/xbow vs xbow/mango is a poor indicator of the skillset required in teamgames.
Dont get me wrong: Right now, 1v1 ranking matters more indeed, but this isn’t inherently, but because teamgame elo is messed up. If TG elo gets fixed, it will be a much better indicator of a players tg skill than 1v1 can ever be.

I mean its really not rocket science. Seperate elo for arranged teams. Other games do it with much better success… But yeah whatever devs literally don’t care.

There are some different solution as well. I think they all are fine as solution. You suggestion is fine as well. As long as the devs tries to fix the issues around the TG ratings…