We have a problem again with african MERCS DEVS

THEY need nerf this units, and the card in age 1 and may be the abun collect too much fast the gold mines
tell me how you can nerf this strat because is stupid the aconomy they have now

Why don’t they just delete ethiopia at this rate if the ridiculous nerfs are going to continue.


they need delete hausa too xD they do the same strat


Nerf the entire game.


What strat is that? And how does it compare to say Dutch and it’s “same strat”

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I mean it would be interesting do something like half all the attacks of all units just to see what knock on effects that would have. It would make raiding a lot harder but also unit shipments worth less compared to unit upgrade shipments

Why not play Lakota? It‘s much more op then African civ.


Please no more nerfs my civ has nothing left man.


dude is the units no the civ

Nerf the devs pls thx


Hausa is so weak now. Why nerf it?

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African outlaws is just busted, in fact people when they play ethiopia and hausa don’t even explore these civ, they play only outlaw every game because they know its busted while ethiopia and hausa are one ton of option and some strong strat but more difficult to execute, so sad no one explore really these civ, just outlaws every game…

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The solution is simple. Spys should do bonus damage to them. No need to nerf every civ into the same ff play.


Ethiopia is really good at some things and bad at others: Ethiopia has got to sacrifice part of their coin for influence so part of their game is compromised. Hausa is much better because they constantly get livestock to trade!

Don’t nerf the civ even further. Nerf the strategy.

Remove this +10% coin gather rate. If suitable replace it +10% gather yield, but I don’t think that’s even needed.

The last patch buffed mountain monastery gather rate by 10% which was completely uncalled for.
All patches have this random tweak out of nowhere that feels like last minute additions by someone who apparently did not participate in the monthly patch discussion.

Except Ethiopia can’t keep going on monasteries forever, unless they research that very expensive tech. They are quite weak at the moment, both military and eco wise. Their only good thing is the outlaws, which is nice and refreshing and shouldn’t be nerfed directly.

The outlaws also require quite a bit of investment.


That’s why I suggested +10% coin yield! I used to play them a lot but the constant starting cattle nerfs hurt them so much.

Even with Jesuit influence and the one that boost yield for 1000% I still feel Hausa is much more effective at playing around influence ( I’m having lots of fun)

So Ethiopia is left with playing Merc strategies.

Play Hausa, won my last ten games, don’t uses outlaws, don’t TP boom. There are other strats out there that are more than viable

Is outlaw viable with hausa? they dont have pop reduction and are pretty starved for reasources early on so outside of the 9 desert warrior shipments I feel like I can never mass them

The only “outlaw” strat I think about when playing hausa is age 2 marksman which I feel like is outlaw in name only.