We have map ban. When do we have civ ban?

Just like we may have 3 civ ban so that you may guess what your opponent try to pick

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It’s a reasonable idea, I’m not opposed although it would need to be implemented prior to game start and would potentially make matchmaking more difficult if done prior.

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Yes it should be implemented after the game matched just like classic WC3 and LOL rank game

it’ll happen eventually just probably not in the immediate future. i could be wrong cause you’ll never guess what their priorities are.

How would this even work? You choose your bans AND your civ after the map is picked? What if you spend too long picking bans and opponent picks civ first?

Alternatively you’re banning civs before the map is picked and then the bans become meaningless depending on map

How would TG banning work?

No this is a terrible idea. People can’t keep trying to apply things from different genres (nevermind different games) and expecting it to magically work. MOBAs are designed around a comeback mechanic making them function completely differently. They don’t snowball like aoe does. Team play works much more easily. And the list goes on

If you want to see a change you need to incentivize it. Make over picked civs less appealing by encouraging opponents to pick other civs by making them appealing.

Encourage players to pick random by adding incentives like random civs are hidden until scouted

Another problem is it could distort WR stats by adding another variable. And some civs (like Franks) would be totally unplayable. Good luck trying to get a game with them if both players get 3 bans.

Good Idea.
Just after the game is found, when you can pick your color and see the map you have 30 seconds to ban 3 civs. You can also do nothing and ban nothing if you want. Then you pick a civ which isn’t banned.

If we see a civ with too much banrate: Need to be nerfed or redesigned.

For team game, it can be one civ ban per player: Yes britons will be perma banned in team ranked because they are toxic and unbalanced → the game experience will be improved for everyone.

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