We need an easier way to share scenarios


  1. The scenario folders are only accessible from the launcher not from the multiplayer lobby
  2. Can’t cut and paste text in any lobby fields to help people find the scenarios ie no url pasting
  3. Scenarios are hard to install

What kind of solution should be possible for this game? Will developers help solve this problem?

+1 on the easy mod support that was touted :slight_smile:

Automatic download when in lobby is something introduced by first Starcraft in 1998…

Its too hard to implement such a feature /s

there is always http://aoe.heavengames.com/dl-php/lister.php?&category=spcampror&start=0&s=d&o=d
They’ve got a ranking and review system as well. I don’t know how far the AoE DE site goes on that part…

Pested devs to death about this and they said in backlog which is all well and good when they do none of it… :confused: