We need an exclusive Fullscreen Display Mode

Hello Devs and community,

Currently DE has 3 display modes:

Unfortunately, the current Fullscreen is definitely not an exclusive fullscreen. It’s a windowed borderless fullscreen mode which counts as windowed mode.

An exclusive Fullscreen mode usually performs better than windowed and brings about better fps and stability.

We’d like very much to have it :heart:

Hmm does that mean Full Screen and Full Desktop are currently the same thing? Because usually nowadays by Full Desktop games mean Windowed Borderless Fullscreen.

If so then it feels like a bugged feature and should be made to work properly.

Full desktop resizes the game to your desktop resolution in windowed borderless.

Will you keep the alt f4 for non arabia maps if they bring real fullscreen? :confused:

:joy: :joy: It’s rare when I alt f4 thanks to favorite map i almost always get arabia.