We need an hotfix: Multiplayer is unplayable

The servers are pretty unstable at this moment. For hours i loose the connection over and over again. It is like just some minuets working, some minutes offline.


And based on multiple post i have seen, i am not the only one with this issue.


I confirm, multiplayer is unplayable.

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Confirm, multiplayer is unplayable.

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I was so hyped for EW, but it is still impossible…

Seems like this was fixed? Yesterday i hadnt any desync at all. Or was i just lucky?

you were lucky.
Half of my games end with some kind of crash (several different kind of crashes i did not get before this update).

Are you logged into your Xbox Live profile in game? That seems to be this patch’s source of various crashes. The game might stop crashing if you log out of that profile.

I am playing on Steam and i am not logged into a Xbox Live Profile.

I have dropped off from the game and again and again…%40-45 of the games i played EW crased to desktop.