We need ballistics similar to AOE2

We need ballistics system similar to AOE2 where range things can miss. This homing missile systems is very very boring and unbelievable. If I remember correctly the AOE4 tam promised that once the game releases they will look into it.

Missile damage should miss if we move our units away from the path, this laser point auto targeting homing death fire is completely boring to deal with and we need this system ASAP.


I don’t think they included ballistics, for me they wanted to make it more similar to AoM and AoE 3 in that sense…


Ballistics warps the game into being super archer micro heavy. Imo not being able to dodge arrows is a major difference from AOE2 that sets the game apart. AOE2 arrow-dodging mechanic is super gameplay warping (and more unrealistic than the homing arrows)


Of course, but it is precisely to not require so much micromanagement with the archers…if you make the gameplay too similar to AoE 2 you can scare away the players of AoE 3 and other more modern RTS who are not used to microing archers…

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I think a simple fix could be make archers able to miss their intended target all missed shots deal full damage if they hit another unit. you still would be able to dodge with a few units like a scout dodging tc fire, but with more units its a lot of micro for barely any reward. also in large groups it would reduce overkill as some of the arrows would hit the units around the intended target, but in smaller groups the missed arrows could leave a target low health rather than dead.


Yes, it could be… but it must be that he didn’t want to complicate things too much…

There could also be multiple modes like for ranked and pro play full accuracy arrow fire, but have a casual game mode and for campaigns it would be more immersive for the arrows to have a radial spread around the intended target at around 70% accuracy.
maybe make the campaign data set mod for casual lobbies.

Yes, everything can be…

I could still remember the heated debate about this “archer accuracy” topic, and also the arguments about art style and building proportion one year ago, before and after the AOE4 release

One year later, I don’t think they gonna change any of these, better to just move on


You don’t realize but you’re the one asking for unrealistic gameplay.

People cannot avoid arrows. It doesn’t make sense. It travels too fast.

If you mean accuracy %, it’s just included in the damage amount. Since age 4 isn’t a luck based game and there aren’t any RNG other than the initial map generation. So just count is as part of the damage it would be higher if it could miss.

Oh no we don’t, life’s been better without it.


Not adding this hilarious feature was one of the few amazing choices Relic did when making this game.
The random arrows completely destroy a game.