We need last attack alarm hotkey

Sometimes, when I’m raiding a base and I hear the attack noise and I use the notification hotkey to go to it, I get into building production and then I realize my whole eco got raided by knights.

Not joking. (You could argue that I have to wall better, but still…)


same issue, ive had m@a attacking a corner of my base for 2min and i never noticed… since i had been attacked in multiple different areas…

and thats just one example… would be nice if it gave better indications on the minimap and better zoom to function…


The battle alarm already goes off non-stop in the heat of battles; I sure hope it doesn’t become more frequent. If anything, I’d want less frequent, and quieter :slight_smile:

The thread title is, “We need last attack alarm hotkey.” Don’t we already have one? In your message, you even say you use it? Oh, or did you make a subtle distinction by saying you used the “notification” hotkey; so you are maybe wanting a hotkey “only for” attacks? That sounds pretty reasonable. Good idea and makes sense, if it’s not there already.

I’m sure you know, but in case not… if you repeatedly press the ‘notification’ hotkey, it takes you further back in time to the other alerts you had. So, for example, if there was an attack sound and then two tech upgrade sounds after that, if you hit the hotkey three times, it should take you to the place of attack.

As such, I just cycle back through time on my notifications. I don’t mind doing that… but I guess if there was a separate hotkey just for ‘attacks’, I’m thinking I might use that. I would just ask that the current notification mechanic not be changed; I like that all notifications get wrapped up into this existing hotkey. I use my middle-mouse button to cycle back through notifications. This may or may not be the default ‘hotkey’, but I like it :slight_smile:

Yes, but because I was attacking and being attacked at the same time, that did cause a problem.

Yes, it’s not there afaik.

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