We need map bans

What? Not every civ need to be as strong on every map. In aoe3 picking the right civ for the right map is a big thing. Its great because it adds strategical depth and rewards learning different civs and strategies. Maybe french need a nerf, but allowing them or another civ to be the strongest on water maps is fine and even preferential. Like portuguese in aoe3. Meanwhile raiding civs like mongols should be stronger on maps like arabia and turtle civs like dehli and england should be stronger on maps like hill and dale.

Where I asked for “equal” civs?
I just stated that to play wyth one type in feudal age is boring.

In this game you you only need fishing boats and fire ships… Other shops are useless vs fire ships

I agree there should be different map pools, dodging water maps is getting tiresome.

Didn’t the older AoE games have this feature already?

I know some player manage to avoid water maps by making the lobby crash or something so that the match does not launch. How do you do this? I have tried switching civs back and forth and tabbing in and out of the game, but it does not seem to work.

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You have to close aoe4.

Minimize the lobby and create a single player skirmish. If you don’t have time, alt f4

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ALT + F4
And still no mention about this issue in the road map? Considering the damage this has done to AoE 2 DE, the amount of dodgers I can see on the queue already is a little bit worrying.

The only thing they can really do is added map bans, but that feels like something that belongs in ranked (see AOE2). Punishing dodgers in quick play seems heavy handed.

But why? I’m no fan of water maps but it’s part of the game. You should learn the BO of water maps (basically send more vills to wood and let boats handle the food ) and continue having fun.

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Its not boring because the build order is different, its boring because water combat is lame.


exactly, I don’t how they manage to make every aoe naval battle lame asf.

Water maps are terrible. I don’t know why anyone picks them


<<<<<<<<<Well said!!!>>>>>>>>>>

Water maps are boring so I want to skip playing them. I don’t want to alt f4 each time although that is what I need to do for now to skip playing a water map where:

  • While fighting water, demo ships end up being better than attack ships and cost half or less than half the price of other ships.
  • French hulk is so superior to other ships that its pointless to even play island maps against them unless they just dont build ships (is that a thing??)
  • Once one player wins water then the other player can not build ships anymore because their docks just get obliterated before ships can come out.
  • Yes, you can build a castle on shore and then get your docks back for like 2 min before I get imp and then sweet you lose your castle.
  • You can get springalds or bombards but they cost twice the res of water ships that are much better fighters.
  • If you are losing water the other player gets a wonder or sacred sites and now you can’t get off your island to cap them.
  • When you do make a landing, the other player is just suddenly like oh f now I guess my couple random guys can try to defend your water landing.
  • demo ships can explode and kill units half a screen inland so the battles on land are only on the very edge of the map
  • the number of water units is far inferior to land units. There is no variety really just either get only demos or get demos and hulks or get hulks (or whatever the higher age ship you can get is)

Yes, Yes and Yes. I hate the big water maps


Please add map bans. They’re necessary to keep a healthy ladder environment. Even outside of water maps there’s some maps that are incredibly favored towards specific civs such as confluence for delhi and other maps are too random to work in a competitive match.


I agree; map bans would be nice. I’m thinking that the ladder, when it releases, will have bans.

The buggies issue with the game is the difference between water food and land food, I don’t see a reason why water is better, and using docks on small lake doesn’t make sense, land should be viable

Water maps are super unfun. Every time I do not alt+f4 and play one, I regret it. It ends up that either my enemy or I get a wonder. When that happens, of course it’s impossible to predict what sort of army the enemy will unload with. If it counters what you have to defend, you lose immediately. The only way you’d be able to scout or stop them is if you had complete water control and you built a wonder.