We need more common units

We need Cavalary Lancer, Mounted Skirmishers, Mounted Cross, Maceman and Axeman are mostly important because infantry, the most important unit on medieval armies, have just 2 generic units. Separate Archers from Crossbowman and make new upgrades for Archers. New upgrade for Spearman line, Elite Halberdier. 1 upgrade for scorpion to siege scorpion idk? 2 new upgrades for skirmisher, 1 javalineer, 2 skirmisher, 3 elite skirmisher, 4 hostigator.

Can modders do this for AoE II?

yeah sounds like a heck a large change and almost impossible to balance in a timely fashion, as well as a huge deviation from age of empires 2. sounds great for a new game though.


agree. maybe for AoE4?

Would be good for a mod not the base game.

Just out of curiosity do we have room to add more generic units based on the role?


Advanced Genie Editor 3 can make civs, units, techs, graphics, etc

im asking if there is use in adding more unit lines.

idk really. 20 characters

i don’t really see a use for them, especially without causing huge balance implications and having to utterly rework the game, civ bonuses, and counters from the ground up.


Maybe something like a pure infantry killer might have use as there is a slot vacant in the castle.

i made some ideas for these units

Imo the only really “needed” new unit line would be a heavy infantry unit in the very lategame.
With the other land units I am quite happy with. Not in every detail but the amount is right imo.

a heavy late game infantry wouldn’t be bad if it was balanced well. there is no point for lancers or splitting archers and xbows or extra spear line units, etc.


Axeman would be a fast but weak infantry good vs another infantry. Maceman could be a slow but resistent unit good vs archers.

I’d love to see those units in the scenario editor for better scenario designing, not a fan of being limited to Berber Genitors for Spanish/Portuguese instead of having a generic European-looking one.

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Agree. Not only would it fit these civs better than berbers (who don’t really need it), it actually was their unit of choice against the berbers…

On water for sure. On land its more complicated, but I wouldnt be against some more regional units.

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Other things we could do is make the TG balance a bit less one dimensional, but you prob can also do that by nerfing the ammount on gold you can get in team games. You could also just design new units with a new role ans throw them there without thinking it too much but pretty sure that is going to need a ton of balance. Some holes could also be filled to make some match ups less one sided

We should replace the Cavalry archers for Western European civs with the Mounted crossbowmen. Macemen and Axemen are also needed (Abit like the Obuch but for more civilizations, and trains slowly). If we could just have editor units of these along with European style lancers (+1 range cavalry) that would be great.

I proposed a Shieldman unit a time ago. Basically a meat shield with high armor, melee and pierce, a little slow speed and low base attack, but bonus against heavy infantry. This way Militia line could be buffed and thid unit would be their natural counter.

Well this thing plus halb would be unstoppable with normal units. Only siege could possibly deal with it which would lead to counter siege…
I mean that’s basically the same as making every civ with good infantry “goth-like”.