We need more splash damage UUs

Honestly, it’s hard to believe that we still don’t have a melee infantry UU with a huge sword that functions like a druzhina champion by default. Such units are like a staple of medieval and in general pre-modern warfare.

A ranged UU with splash damage would work a bit weird, but who knows, some long ranged archer that is supposed to be massed like longbows are and be a backline unit excelling at dealing with enemy archer masses could be possible.

Hopefully we will see that soon instead of champion reskin #6 or cavalier reskin #8.

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A better idea could be give archers the attack ground ability, in a area of 3 tiles but with less damage

That’s something I would love, but would be a huge buff to archer civs micro potential, britons especially.

Organ guns feel like they are made for dealing with groups of enemies well (which they don’t). How about give their bullets a ltiny little bit of splash. For example the 4 extra bullets that deal 2 damage could receive the aoe of a bombard cannon but not the main bullet.

Single target damage would be same, aoe damage would be slightly increase since the extra bullets now aoe. But it stacks nicely with a few organs so that if you got 20 organs and they all have 4 extra bullets with tiny splash in which they deal 1 damage. Each volley they deal a good amount of splash damage. like 20 scorpions.

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Or just buff their secondary projectiles

If you just buff secondary targets dmasge you make them op. They already have good single target damage. They need aoe.

We all need aoe in our lives.


Is this really true?! I’ll admit I’m no expert, but my understanding is that “huge” swords were made to hang on walls, not for actual combat, and that two-handed swords were generally not used to attack multiple enemies in huge sweeping blows. Maybe I’m misunderstanding…

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Sorry, I didn’t iterate my thoughts correctly.
What I mean is that huge splash swords are a staple of our representation of those times, actually I assume no sword could hit 3 people at the same time. But all the games involving melee combat have those big swords, look at doppels in aoe3 for example.

Two-Handed Swords were actually staples of late Medieval to Early Modern combat though, they were primarily employed by well-armoured heavy infantrymen like Doppelsoldners as a method to breakup Pike formations. This is probably the reason why the Militia line is designed as a counter to Spears in this game and the weapon choice of 2HS and Champs

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I think elephant archers could possibly do weak trample damage around themselves. Be interesting, and possibly balanceable.

Jesus christ can we stop with the buff elephant archer posts please.

Try playing Britons against an ele archer stack. Or Vikings. Or Mayans. Or Japanese.

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Vikings and Japanese you could play halbs for both. Elephants aren’t so great against halbs. Mayans could always play monks. I see your point with Brits, but Elephant archers a generally pretty underused, and if the trample damage was kept low, or if they could fire while moving, it could make them see more popularity.


I agree that they are insane once they hit a deathball. It’s getting there that is the problem.