We need more woods

In long 3v3 or 4v4 matches, the tree is almost gone by 50-55 minutes. If such rapid cutting was intended to simulate cutting down for the construction of cities, then this can be implemented somehow.

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Rush them and take the wood on the other team

If I attack, then we can win and the game ends. But I don’t want that :slight_smile:

This applies to quite a maps where you just get a few copses of trees.

I generally don’t mind if there is decent source of wood in the middle or edges but the resource is too integral to have maps where it is truly scarce.

That and open maps with no tree lines to bolster your defensive lines are a cavalry spammers dream in team games…all while you need to build spears with an already precious resource lol.

we need more wood and less gold. abunance of gold is ruining the game.

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On most maps without infinite trees, gold is usally the first thing that runs out (team games don’t count because infinite trade which happened in AOE2 as well).

While it’s interesting having a couple maps with low wood like Prairie, imo they don’t play very well (was my least favoite part about Altai too)