Hello Everyone ! Something that at first sight just pissed me off was that the rank system was gone and i’m not talking about PR. I’m talking about the ranks that we used to have like being called “Captain”, “brigadier” or “major” for example when we used to reach a certain level.

I think this would be very simple to implement and would add more spark to our competitive spirit.
If you reach a certain ELO then you can obtain a cool title that perfectly represents your level because we must admit that just ELO numbers doesn’t motivate you enough to keep trying.

I don’t know if there’s already a thread about this but let’s keep asking for this !


totally right , name of ranks was one of the best things of the original aoe3, being a number is not so funny


Yes, Absoulutely yes.
In Japan almost every player want the rank to be back. Not the casual Rank.

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You can maintain the Elo system for ranked matches, and give the titles to unranked matches (which are in a way also ranked)

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I said this in another post, but it definitely resonates with what you all have said:

They should keep the ELO system for ranked matches, but bring back the legacy ranking system for casual games.

ELO is not bad. The old game had it. They can keep both systems but in ranked rather than unranked