We need to change the oldest and most boring civilization in this game, the European countries

European powers are always the most boring civilization in this game. It is suggested to give some new features to European powers, such as tea export from Asian countries, influence of African countries, some new additional resources


New resources are unlikely, but some rarely used aspects can be improved a bit for more flexibility. E.g. mercenaries and the capitol (no reason to have this specific building just for age 5. Maybe move it a little earlier with some additional options like consulate allies).


What AoE III really needs is a deep Ottomans overhaul, to make it the unique empire it was. Plus minor unique-twists to European civs.


We need to add religion like in WOL.

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I think Ottoman imams should become auto-trainable and can be stationed in mosques for extra experience, but only with a cap of ten

Siento que los imanes podrían ser mas únicos, como tener mayor velocidad o tener una pequeña aura que acelera la recolección de los aldeanos.

“The most boring civs” are also the most played. There’s no need for massive overhauls on any civs, especially the European ones. Put that effort towards new content, new cosmetics, and bug fixes.


That’s true I’m to old to learn new tricks. I prefer the streamlined civs.


They are kinda refreshing the euros slowly. The British and Spain changes seem cool, just wish they could do it abit faster because it will be years untill all the old civs have a meta change at this rate.


They are changing them though, each civ is getting some new cards/units and some changes.

Although I would like Europeans to have a fourth resource and access to university, I thought it would be very complicated to add these characteristics in a way that does not drastically break the balance, but it would be great.

The tweaks that European civilizations are undergoing seem very good and necessary to me.


I actually think it is possible to tweak the capitol for this function. Europeans already have all the building slots filled up (because they do not have combined buildings), and the capitol is rarely used. There is no reason to have one building that is only available at age 5 to occupy the slot.

OP or not is one thing, but the core problem with the old civs I think is being too uni-dimensional.
Many new civs since TAD can either go for a strong eco opening, or a strong military opening, or a pretty good FF. Now it’s not that they can do all at the same time, nor do they necessarily do any of these extremely well, but they have viable options for them. New civ designs have shifted from “THE eco/rush/FF civ” to “a civ that has decent eco/rush/FF but does one or two better”.
Not to mention due to the generally better than average units, they may have pretty good late game as well.

Now going back to vanilla European civs, many have one playstyle that is pretty good, but that’s all.

Some new cards added recently look good, but they still open up few new choices, especially the British ones.

No this is a european perspective. Instead we want more Southern, Central and Northern American civs. And more African civs. More representation!

I think the new cards in the home city of all European countries are for military commanders to replace explorers, and the skin of generals and officer is can be changed automatically from the commercial age to the imperial age. In addition, all units can add tactics to the support mechanism of drums, flags, flutes and horns, so that they can bring all units with them. Halo gain is actually very interesting

i just disagree, the most boring ones with least variety are all the native american ones. Euros are fine and easy to understand, i dislike all the funky new mechanics with each civ, where you dont understand why stuff is happening

I would also like a little more flavor for pre-Columbian American civilizations. For example the Aztecs could have sacred temples and fortresses.

I wish they would have replaced the fire pit with temples and sweat lodges instead of the lame plaza.


That is why they are expanding the deck of European civilizations with cards that possibly with the old philosophy of the legacy game it was inadmissible to put them, but now with the new cards to the British and Spanish, I think it will be like this for all the Europeans except the Swedes

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