We need trench warfare

I would love to see the following researchable technologies…

  1. Large Bore Rifling. (researched at university) This increases the range of all bombards, culverins, and cannons. By alot. Like… 100% However, it also reduces their rate of fire by alot. They now take twice or even 3x as long to fire.

  2. Trenches (researched at university) allows for the creation of the trench. This structure allows units who walk in the trenches footprint to have a 95% chance of being missed by enemy cannon, bombard, and culverin fire.

  3. Observational balloon. (researched at university) Allows for the creation of the balloon from the seige workshop. A unit that has no vision until it sends up the balloon. Once the balloon is sent up, it gets roughly 300% of the vision of a scout, but it is visible to enemies who can snipe it. Balloons cannot benefit from trenches. Balloons have no weapons.

  4. Powder magazine. (researched at university) allows for the creation of powder magazine unit. This unit increases the rate of fire by nearby bombards, culverins handcannoneers and cannons by 100%. The problem is that if destroyed, it will blow up, and kill everything in its nearby radius (think overpowered demo ship) Powder magazines can be set to manually detonate, but will ALWAYS detonate on death. They have lots of health and siege armor, so it takes 3 hits from a cannon or bombard to kill one. When they are in a trench they are pretty much invulnerable. Powder magazine units take extra damage from ranged units when not in a trench, and move very slowly.

Why not you try aoe3 first? It is relatively suitable for your needs.
Or you are suggesting to change aoe4 into aoe3? Hmmmmmm…fine, that’s cool.

It sounds more like turning AoE4 into a WW1 game.

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I’m sorry to say it, but many of the technologies or aspects that they propose, are… anachronistic for the time of the game:

  • 1.- Anachronistic. Artillery from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (800-1600), had a limited range and limited angle of shoot. On the other hand, small but decisive bonuses abound in Aoe4. Alter 100% the distance of the cannons, is the same to say that their vanilla shouting distance was badly designed. On the other hand, its distance of cannons is also a matter of balance, since the cannons are still at the point of fire from the fortresses, which always forces you to carry villagers or use battering rams to deflect their arrow attacks or bombardment.

  • 2.- Anachronistic. The concept of digging trenches and underground fortresses for protection didn’t come into use until… world war 1.

  • 3.- Anachronistic. There were no balloons at that time, and the first to invent one capable of transporting people was Bartolomeu Lourenço de Gusmão, in 1709. Unfortunately, the Portuguese inquisition was very fanatical at that time and they believed they wanted to do magic instead of science, and that he was praised by the king. Although the king could have pleaded in his favor, there wasn’t even time for trial, the guy died the following week, while he was escaping to Spain, of an unknown fever. Let’s remember that at that time there were no antibiotics.

  • 4.- I didn’t understand the concept, I’m sorry, I’m a Spanish speaker. This is the best I understood:

  • BUT.- we can implement the mechanic of “Spies”, as a new unit of TownCenter or Keep, the same as AoE3. Spies abounded in the Middle Ages, the English used them to spy on the Scots, and among Europeans they used ambassadors as spies, to the point that sometimes they were all killed to avoid possible espionage. There was even the position of master spy, the name says it all, and being something tied to royalty, I think it could be created in the Keep. Something like that:
    Spy: Economic unit, 80 HP, has great vision, 10 atk, speed 1.3. You can use stealth x 300 sec (5 minutes), it is detected by watchtowers.

Play AoE3 if you want these things. Execpt the trenches which are beyond AoE3 timeframe also.

I dont think they work in the AoE4 timeframe.

I really don’t understand when people want these “”‘historical"’’ changes that are actually centuries out of the timeline. Seriously, it’s a medieval era game, appreciate it for what it is, go find a WWI or WWII game if you want trench warfare.