We never run out of money

Since we can sell food and sometimes wood with an expensive price, game takes too long. I play with computer on easy level for 4 hours but neither of us could win the game. Also easiy is not easy.

furthermore, my units attack on their own and i can not control them. Is there a defensive stance. May be i have overlooked.


There is none, units are in a defensive stance at default, meaning they will return to their position after the fight.

There is a stand ground stance if you want your units to not move at all.

Use the right counter units and encircle your enemy.

Gold is abundant so there is no gain killing knights or destroying a siege equipment. The enemy can replace it easily.

So basically there is no economic constraints.

btw i have won against computer. But without economic strategy it is not fun.

I have never had a pvp against ai last longer than an hour. Especially against easy. If you all have tons of money, build a market and go into stone then slowly build your way to the enemies bases. Use your troops to defend the workers then have the buildings kill invaders. Obviously you will want to destroy siege so I suggest also spamming springals with spears. Do you feel like it takes to long for you to get started?

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Can’t tell if serious… Maybe just learn to build units. Any unit really and you should beat easy. Also maybe use your head and realize selling 100 wood for 10g or whatever rate you got is worse than just building a food wood unit

ignore the first post. I managed to beat the easy ai yesterday in one hour.

The problem is, there is so much prosperity in this game and this ruins the gameplay.

Play against a more difficult AI?

You will need to be pumping more resources into troops, buildings and upgrades.
Or you could play against a person. They will try to hurt your ability to get resources as well.

You say you take 4 hours to beat an easy AI due to being submerged with resource. To me however is constantly running low on resources due to needing to hold off enemy attacks. I do play it on Intermediate in campaign but it legit took me a decent chunk of time to setup and defend before starting to maintain a critical mass of unit production.

AOE4 having tons of resources does mean fight can go much bigger than in AOE2 for example, but those upgrades in arsenal and blacksmith aren’t cheap either, especially if an upgrade sucks 600 gold and barely any wood. Market does seem to reset every so often back to its original price but if the market is still a global one you would still have a hard time trying to find a good price in 1v1 or team game.

Either way, just like other says, improve how you play and you will find resource not that plentiful while you can also make a more impactful army quicker so you can kill AI faster, saving time as well.

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The solution to having too many resources and being in a stalemate with your enemy is to construct a wonder. You will automatically win if the enemy cannot destroy it within 15 minutes.

There is a ‘Stand Ground’ toggle on your units, default hotkey is V.

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Whoops, I forgot wonders are a thing. Im so used to just strong-arming my way in games like these. Great advice!

But you realize it’s pretty troll to complain about resource balance when you even struggle to beat easy? If your grandma complains about her PC being broken because the screen is black, but she havent plugged in the power for the monitor. Is the pc broken?
You’re the grandma.