We really need a hotfix

We need a hotfix, there are many FPS drops, many annoying bugs, especially with the communication system and with the hitboxes.

Can you at least tell us approximately when it comes out?


I agree but to fix the livestock market for the african civs.


I imagine they are working on it. Maybe it’s a harder fix then was initially expected. They have had hotfixs within a week before I believe

i agree with hotfix,i cant wait to experience the version of Sweden,hope they can give the chance.

We need an urgent hotfix, fps drops are game changing, can’t unbind the alt menu hotkey thus a lot players get that screen while playing and getting long time to turn it off. There is also UEC tournament starting next weekend, hopefully patch will come out before that date.


I agree OP. I cant play the game beacause of fps drops.


For real though, we need this hotfix fast but hopefully it won’t break more things.

Since the loading times are considerably faster, how have they not implemented the flashing icon when a game is about to start?

Hubiera sido bueno que a Suecia le dieran un aldeano extra al inicio siento que avanzan un poco lento a 2 edad.

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They will be getting an extra food crate according to the patch notes

Honestly really shocked we still didn’t get a basic hotfix.


The hitbox is cancer, really.


The Ai has been subpar for a while now despite all the work that has gone into it.

The AI is weird, I found Aztec strong but other civs real weak

The last update the AI was great. After this one it’s just taken such a hit.

dont worrie devs are working on it


agree, where is our hot fix? :face_with_head_bandage:

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amigo ja faz uma semana que parei de jogar age 3 por causa desses motivos que você citou

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Still just absolutely thrown off-guard by how they didn’t implement a hotfix within 12 hours of the patch release.

I don’t like to complain and I’m sure there are reasons, but to mess up that badly on a patch to begin with to the tune of literally not effecting the changes they said were there, to then not hotfixing it…

Idk, it’s just some real disappointment after the other. I want to rep this game to my friends so badly but for 2 years I couldn’t muster up the courage cuz of stuff like this.

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This is alongside the promised changes in the patch.

So, British now start with 200 food, Swedes with 300 food.

And Landsknecht have 3 pop.

Thanks devs!