WE should learn from WE on handling its games and communities

They do that already with the World’s Edge 2DE/IV esports intro. Which oddly enough hasn’t made it’s way over to any of the other games. It’s almost as if they want to keep reminding us every time we start the game up that those other games exist as if we didn’t need the constant reminder.

While also giving a hint of the direction WE intend to take the AoE franchise in…


Yep, thats right!
Is pretty weird that the intro its about 2 and 4 and not 3

By the way, if they deliver no new content after AOM RE launch, there will be no excuse at all!

In all honesty It doesn’t make sense to ignore AoE 3 de they already made it and put work into. Just advertise it and include it to get more players which equals more money for them anyway. Wait then AoE 4 doesn’t look so great can’t do that.
The games should all be advertised together and events for each game in the series. Let people look at all of them and decide what they will like the best.


Yes, I agree…they prefer to focus on AoE 2 and AoE 4 and screw the rest of the saga…

Yes, for me they don’t want to overload everything in a single year: Return of Rome (AoE 1), The Mountain Royals (AoE 2) and Th Sultans Ascends (AoE 4)…AoE 3 has nothing because they are developing AoM Retold and Since they are a small team, they don’t have enough, that’s why I don’t worry and maybe by 2025 for the 20 years the dlcs for AoE 3 will return…

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Such a clever commentary dude!

They did. We now have AOE4 clips in the intro and a pop-up ad for AOE4 when you open AOE3.


Yeah that doesn’t really count

Thank you.

It’s clear that our developers are not allowed to communicate with us, and World’s Edge, who are actually responsible for communication, are intentionally or essentially ruining the follow-up content of this game, and they can’t be bothered to manage player feedback.


Some small AOE2 bugs are fixed within a week, teased under the AOE3 patch note (immediate response to those who ask), and released right after the AOE3 patch.

While these AOE3 bugs have been fixed in the PUP, they just don’t ship them at the release, and have to “wait for a good time to release them”.

Maybe the good time is when you won’t contaminate your gold shining DLC news for the favorite kid with a hotfix note nobody cares about no?

This is beyond disgusting. They know how to hype and appease people. They just choose not to. The attitude has been so blatantly obvious.

Maybe some people are really laughing out loud behind the screen because after so many years of increasingly strong and straightforward malice, there are still people who defend them and believe they don’t really mean it. So they just don’t need to backstab us with “accidentally forget to mention AOE3 at all (the only mention being we can’t add card systems from AOEO)”, “accidentally ignores the new big update in the anniversary”, “accidentally call the unit cannon galleon”, “post nothing besides regular patch notes” etc. anymore , but directly slap the malice onto our faces. Now we have no even negative support and the only communication we get is to horde us to the other games. We deserve it.

This is it lads. I have never seen anything ever improves after riots. They’ve made up their mind already. Riot once and you get some cheap perfunctory placation, so that it won’t spread and hurt their reputation (and their precious favorite kid). Then they wait for your hope and vigor to die off. Despite how angry people once were, most of them will eventually get disheartened and leave and care no more. And you have to always be careful not to enrage the “merry good majority” who might think you hate their games. So when they start to treat you even worse, the next riot will be much weaker and will only strengthen their minds on not dealing with you anymore. There is no way to stop the downhill.

Hats off to whoever actually worked on the game amidst this level of despise and mismanagement from the higher-ups. You are heroes.


It is absurd to try to recruit Aoe3 players for Aoe4. If that is true then they are wasting their time. I will never play Aoe4 even if they gave it to me as a gift. I simply don’t like it. It is a different era and other mechanics. I never liked Aoe2, much less would I like to play Aoe4.


The management seems to care nothing about eras and settings, and see all of them simply as “RTS games”. So if they have two big “RTS games” (even though they have the same setting), there is no need to promote another “RTS game” (with a vastly different setting).


Totally understandable
Thats why we do like one thing or another

I like almost all games in the franchise, but 3 is my favorite due to Modern Era time period.


I think this is because the ‘management’ staff is mainly composed of people directly from/fan of aoe2 and aoe4 (see them putting empire wars in aoe3, when it isn’t necessary, then removing DM queue in favor of Empire Wars)

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Empire Wars was added to AOE2 to skip the long and tedious early game (and it’s still not even a popular mode in AOE2)
AOE3 already has a fast and dynamic early game. So it’s not necessary,

It’s still nice to have a new mode though. But they have been tonedeaf when it comes to this game for a long time. They only have either diehard AOE2 fans, or not-so-diehard AOE2 fans who want people to play there new innovative improved version of AOE2 (they claim) called AOE4.


I think a so welcomed game mode is Nomad
Now Nomad is already in the game but must be reworked.
How? With longer distances between wagons and workers plus larger maps

Other ideas for game modes are Campaign CO OP.
We need more than just a few Historical Battles.

Yeah, that;s what is happening. Aoe3 doesn’t really need a empire wars mode.

But any new addition is good. Empire wars in aoe3 feels more like a slower DM. You get so much resources, fights generally end up in age4. I would like a proper reworked DM where all civs are playable. Maybe asian civs start with wonder wagons, cus they cant get wonders in normal DM.

I sometimes queue EW when I just for a change of pace and action. It feels good enough sometimes.

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Absolutely - tone-deaf approach!

I love AoE3 because it’s not medieval!
Why ‘bookend’ early-modern era fans with AoE2 and 4 especially with news pop-ups / intros in-game - it just feels like a disservice.

Granted, I do love AoE2 (one of my first ever games I loved), however it’s omnipresent - you could live under a rock and still know about it it - why rub it in our faces within AoE3…

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Looking back at things AoE4 really is not needed. It’s just a second AoE2, no my bad, it’s worse.


Well, I gotta say we shouldnt lose focus of our Riot, we aren’t against other aoes, their respective devs. We are against World Edge management.

Now we have a common focus, I ask the mates what do we do? We should shout the situation in other AOE forums, so other player/influencers support us and the game.

Well that intro is more for AOE4 especially its esports.

There are many people who just sees all RTS games as pvp games regardless of the setting. Scifi or medieval or fantasy no difference. I think the majority of management for this series see the same. Maybe like:

AOE2: the old classic RTS with a steady playerbase in both sp and pvp so you call always sell sp contents to them
AOE4: the new esports RTS
AOE3: no place for it

The setting part is completely ignored. While one important part of the charm of AOE is its setting.

They give orders to the devs to make stuff and the devs know about the settings and how to make them interesting. But if they don’t give orders then there’s not much the devs can do.