We want the best AoE 4!


This game is very old but is better than AoE 4 in everything.

  • Better graphics
    -Better animation
  • Arrows don’t always hit the target
  • blood
  • Better torch attack
  • real arc of arrows
  • operation of siege weapons
  • and much more

Wouldn’t you like such an AoE 4 game?

I definitely do

And what stops you from playing it instead of AoE 4?

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Been 2 years since I still see these kind of posts, almost every day, please understand devs simple dont read them, they are not AoE regular players so they will not bother in adding anything besides what we have seen in the beta (which is the same they have showed 2 years ago). So unfortunately for you and many other people who already offered good ideas and implementations, it will not happen…

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