[Website] Can't search and download mods from the website

Example links:

The link on the right “How to install” redirects to a page about AOE2:DE, not AOE1:DE (the correct link is: https://support.ageofempires.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050397371-How-to-Download-Scenarios-Mods)

When I browse for mods on AOE2:DE (Mods All - Age of Empires) I can filter by campaigns (Mods Search - Age of Empires) but I can’t do the same on AOE1:DE (Mods Search - Age of Empires) because the only link in the Tags on the right is “Other”, the actual link to browse campaigns for AOE1:DE exists, it is just missing from the tags list (Mods Search - Age of Empires)

In the game, when you go to Single Player > Campaign > Get custom Campaign you are redirected to this link which is wrong: Mods All - Age of Empires - the correct one should be Mods Search - Age of Empires

When I click the “install” button on a mod to download it, nothing happens, example here: Mods Single - Age of Empires

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Thanks for pointing these out! The filters and the in game link should be fixed. The ability to download/install and how to links will get updated asap.

Thank you, the filters are now working.

The in game link has changed and it shows the mods for AOE1:DE, the only thing I could point out is that the parameter “sort=modName” is bugging out the filters on the right, they don’t work if that parameter is set, probably because of some error as the value of the parameter is unexpected.

At this link (from the in-game button), you will see all the search fields on the right don’t work, also the dropdown menu is not clickable (tested on Firefox 94.0.1 64bit for Windows): Mods All - Age of Empires
While this link is fine: Mods Search - Age of Empires (if you change sort=popular into sort=modName you will see that the search fields on the right will not work).
I would suggest to put the second link in-game instead of the first one.

Eventually, you could add the possibility to sort mods by modName, that should solve the issue the same, I think (if Wordpress allows you, heh :nerd_face:)

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I hope it will be fixed soon, because i just purchased AoE DE and hoped to have fun in custom campaigns. But it was really disappointing not to have opportunity to play these

I see the button “Install” has changed to “Download”, but still doesn’t do anything

In the meantime, until they fix it, you can find mods and campaigns to download on AoEHeaven if you want

This should work now.

We’ll get the modName issue fixed, somehow got overlooked. Thanks!

Downloading mods now works, thanks.