Weekly Profile Picture Reward - a possible distribution bug 🖼

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: v. 100.13.38085.0 P1
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Hi there!
I’ve been noticing strange behavior in the reward offerings in the past few weeks.
I have a decent amount of pictures available, but still many remain locked, despite that I’ve been getting only one option to choose from. It never worked like that, nor does make any sense - it should be offering only locked profile pictures as long as at least 5 are available, and then fill the spots with unlocked ones at the end.

Not sure if that’s a bug or a deliberate change to include unlocked ones (but even then it shouldn’t limit options to one), either way, it surely shouldn’t be desired behavior because it makes choosing pointless with one option at hand.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

Below I’ll include recent two reward screens, but it started looking like that ~5-6 weeks ago.

:arrow_forward: IMAGE


That’s the way it’s been since release. The profile pics are in groups of 5, and as you unlock them, your selection choices are reduced. After 5 selections, all 5 in each group will be grayed out as you have unlocked all of them. It’s a small incentive to have you log in each week. It’s not a bug, but a deliberate choice.

I’ve played more than 550hrs of III:DE on Steam, never uninstalled it since release, and never noticed anything that would suggest a system like that in place.

They’ve added loads of new profile pictures some time ago and there are multiple rows of profile icons waiting to be unlocked. ‘Incentive to log in’ is a small reward in a form of a new profile picture. Limiting given selection to one to cross out some ethereal ‘groups of 5’ is the opposite of that, or rather a way to undermine that system, which at that point could be streamlined to a small red notification icon ‘you got new profile picture’ without a pointless selection box.

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I have 1200 hrs and have logged in every single week since launch, and play with people that have 2500 hrs. I can assert with complete confidence that it has, in fact, been the case since day 1.

The profiles have been in groups of 5 since launch, each week it rotated to the next group, looping back once the cycle is complete, and as new pics were added, they were added in groups of 5, and the groups entered the weekly rotation.

As far as what will happen next cycle, when all 5 in the early weeks are already unlocked, yes it would be nice if the system skipped to the next week with available profiles or something else.

Well, then it is what it is I guess.
I hope by 2024 I’ll see a normal selection window again :slight_smile:

So you own them all already ?
Where is the bug then ?

Ones that are greyed out are of course owned. One is highlighted because it’s the only option. If you’re asking about the entire pool of profile avatars- I’m getting new options so also obviously I don’t own everything. Not so long ago they added loads of new options. I counted just now- I don’t own ~108 of them in total.

I did explain it fairly clearly in the first post - the game forces four owned options into the weekly reward selection, which doesn’t make any sense. As long as there are 5 not owned avatars (excluding exclusive event rewards)- they should be in the pool. The point of selection is to have a choice between proposed items.

From the outside, it looks like new avatars introduced recently are not properly flagged as eligible and it results in the game forcing owned ones as if new avatars are non existing.

I still don’t see an issue, as long as you still get that 1 pic per week…

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