Weird AI explorer behaviors

The AI explorer likes doing these two things which are super annoying:

  1. Try to take a big treasure at the beginning. I need to rescue my ally’s explorer 2min into the game every time.
  2. Stick around your TC attacking villagers. That keeps your alarm ringing and is very annoying.

Edit: it might have been like this since legacy. Please improve it.


I say we need a meme of this!

*“Keeps attacking” lol


This isn’t something that is specific with the new patch though, is it ?

I believe the most annoying thing is to have to kill them over and over.

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I’d say it has been like this since legacy.

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Imo, your explorer shouldn’t be able to get back up within a certain radius around the ennemy’s town center. Either you ransonm him or you lose him.

That’s not a problem. Explorer damage on villagers and buildings (most of the time) are pretty low. Not cheese-able in pvp. And scouting is not that important for the AI. Just annoying.

I think the problem is the AI would never attempt to move its explorer out after it finds your TC. So he lies next to your TC forever. Then some passing by unit rescues him and he starts shooting villagers again.

I know it’s not dangerous for my villagers. But just like you said, it’s very annoying. Honestly, the AI is the real problem.

Most I’ve let an explorer hurt a settler was 50% it’s HP, annoying having to micro settlers into melee or send a few muskets off the battlefield to deal with that little prick.

A proof that explorers harassing villagers could really be a strategy.

i keep reading this thread on the main page as wierd al behavior and its hilarious every time

also, yes the ai harassment is tiresome, especially india. 2 stompy boys. it takes a long time to actually kill the vills of course but you cant completely ignore it either

That’s why explorers do very little damage to workers

They do force you to lose some villager seconds to clean them up though. And not cause they are a threat, but annoying. Some sort of psychological warfare.

Yeah, all of this bothers me as well, and the way the AI seems not to know how to ransom their explorer, so only african AI players ever recover their explorers

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Above equals to 1dps from explorer vs settlers

Settler health = 150 + 20% melee armor

In ranged combat it takes 2,5 minutes to kill a single settler with an explorer, and more in melee.

In the entire time the explorer could gather treasures, build trading posts,or even just keep an extra eye in the battlefield, INSTEAD of planting itself in the enemy base just gift xp at the angry player.

The only correct way to “harass” settlers with an explorer is by making the warning alarm go off on one side of the map to distract from the raiding party on the back.

That’s what I mean XD.

With that you either:

  1. Keep your opponent distracted by the alarm
  2. Force them to attack your explorer with villagers slowing down their eco
  3. If they do nothing, they will lose one villager in…in 2.5min.

Maybe for the AI neither is important. So they don’t care about the explorer at all.

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Silly how even the EXPERT AI lets the explorer die so often, then again, you are right, considering the gathering bonus in expert difficulty, losing the explorer is but a scratch.

Sin ############### 75%

it makes practicing builds vs aztec expert ai usless since they tend to throw their explorer and WP into me and therefore fall way behind on their rush, but god is it annoying
same with lakota and haude is the ai just flexing it doesnt need its speed bonus? or when AR civs just over and over throw them into your TC after respawning XD

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